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Spoting wildlife using mobile app

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Wildlife tourism is a big industry and attracts a lot of photography professionals, bird watching enthusiasts, researchers, adventure junkies and tourists, who all expect to catch wildlife in action. Unfortunately, the action is not as easy to catch as it is on Animal Planet or National Geographic. Spotting Wildlife requires spending hours and even days inside the jungle, and this investment is not everybody’s cup of tea. Additionally, there are numerous dangers to encounter. Andy Pizer from Colorado, USA wanted a solution to improve the experience of wildlife spotting for people visiting jungle or forest reserves.

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Credencys offered its consulting and software development services to build an image rich global geo-location based wildlife application, which was named ‘Where is the Wildlife’ (WWL). With WWL, users can simply browse through images and videos of wildlife uploaded by the WWL community or track recent wildlife sightings anywhere on the planet. Users can also get precise directions to last seen whereabouts of the wildlife. The app allows social sharing and supports high resolution images/videos.

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