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Client background

Founded in 1975, Tractmotor Parts (M) SDN BHD is a Malaysia-based dynamic company that geared for today’s challenges to equipment and spares parts for agriculture, supply machinery, light construction, and manufacturing sectors. It has grown to be one of the leaders in the industry in Malaysia, supported by overseas manufacturers and suppliers.

What were the challenges of the client?

Tractmotor used to manage its large volume of product data, related to automobile spare parts, in a scattered way that causes a lot of challenges for their business. They wanted to address various issues related to product information management and media asset management for the automobile parts they are selling. The major challenges of the client involved

The product information and media files were scattered as the client used to manage all the data in excel sheet, mobile phones, and local computers.

The account management system and inventory management system of the client were not synched which resulted in communication gaps with customers and loss in sales revenue.

The manual product catalog update process was time-consuming and inaccurate for the sales team. It was impacting the productivity of the sales executives as they were not able to access the updated product information on the go.

Lack of collaboration with suppliers

The sales team used to approach the customers with inaccurate product information that resulted in business loss.

They were not able to get insights on customers’ buying pattern that impacts the client’s strategic business decisions

The client had to manage different price structures for different customers.

In absence of a centralized data repository, the knowledge transfer to all stakeholders in the organization became difficult


How Credencys addressed
the client’s challenges?

Credencys developed and implemented a web-based digital platform for Tractmotor using Pimcore technology.

We have utilized Product Information Management (PIM), Digital Asset Management (DAM), and Digital Commerce capabilities of Pimcore. The client can manage the products, media, and commerce related activities from a single platform.

Product Information Management (PIM)

It allows the client to manage all the products seamlessly and securely as well as access the updated catalog with the latest product details on the go.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

It helps Trackmotor manage all media assets like pictures, videos, documents, etc. of the automobile spare parts in a centralized repository.

Digital Commerce Platform

It allows the client to manage different price levels for different products for different clients accurately. The client can generate quotes and offers for customers from the digital platform.

Credencys has built a digital platform that helps the client streamline their business operations and go online with an e-commerce platform which is a part of their business strategy.

Key features of the app

Product data modeling

Implementing a web-based data modeling engine, we allowed the client to create a new product data model that is highly flexible and scalable. It allows the client to represent the products with accurate specifications, attributes, categories, sub-categories, taxonomies, etc.


Product data management

Tractmotor can manage all the information about the automobile spare parts in a centralized platform and in a well-organized way. They can add, edit, and delete any information from the backend.

Roles and rights based access

We configured roles and rights based access that enables a few selected users with the view and edit rights to certain attribute groups.


Product attribute management

Leveraging the Product Information Management framework of Pimcore, we developed an attribute management feature that allows clients to manage and define the attributes of the automobile products and spare parts. Using this feature, the client can enrich product information by collecting additional data.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Tractmotor can manage all media files like images, videos, documents, etc. related to automobile spare parts in a single location. It allows the client to aggregate the media files with the relevant product data.


Access to updated product catalog

Implementing Pimcore, the client can be relieved from the manual product cartilage update. The process becomes automated and the sales team of Tractmotor can access the updated product information all the time.


We integrated the existing accounting system and inventory system of the client with the digital solution. Bi-directional data synchronization allows the client can access updated data across all the systems including the new Pimcore based digital platform.


Price structure management

Tractmotor can manage complex price structures effectively and accurately for different customers utilizing the pricing component of the digital commerce framework of Pimcore.

Business impacts/benefits of the app

Improved time-to-market

Tractmotor can enrich their product information and improve product data quality by managing and aggregating the product data and relevant media assets. They can launch complete and accurate information about the automobile products and spare parts on the web portal that improves the time to market of the products.

Save time for catalog creation

The client can manage all the product information and media assets in a centralized repository. They can have a consolidated and aggregated view of product information from a single platform. When the updated product data is handy, the client can create the sales catalog quickly, share the updated product catalog, and increase the sales.

Technology stack