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SaaS Solution for easy workflow of loyalty programs for hotels

Robust CRM, flexible loyalty programs, Mobile experience for consumers

About the Client

TLC is a marketing company mainly serving leading hospitality and tourism brands in India with customized, cost–effective and long-term marketing solutions. The company helps brands in their marketing strategies, business alliances, customer loyalty programs (CLP), and membership management services.

Existing CLP Management System

TLC used to provide a white label CLP Management System to hotel chains. This system had 4 separate desktop applications for admin panel, configuration, operations & program management. The desktop apps were incompetent to infuse business mobility & stay aligned with business growth. Manual installation was creating several operations, management and servicing related issues.

Management Challenges

  • CLP System-configuration on multiple locations was an on-site task, consuming a lot of time and resources of TLC as well as its clients
  • Unavailability of any unified and controllable system across client’s multiple outlets/locations
  • Frequent incidents of inaccuracy and mistakes on program configuration and management, by cross-functional or multiple system operators
  • Lack of flexibility in system to quickly adopt changes or matching the specific needs on demand
  • The lead management system was not so productive and object-oriented
  • No standard reporting system for success analysis of any loyalty/membership program

Member(Customer) Service Challenges:

  • The customers had to carry the cards or forms to get benefits of the promotional programs
  • Member and program management was even more challenging at times of cross-promotional offers, running multiple programs, programs in association with third parties, multi-brand programs, client’s partners outside the TLC clientele etc
  • Lack of proper record management system for members/visitors details caused many loyal customers go unrewarded.

Credencys’ Involvement

Credencys Blueprint Workshop

Credencys conducted the Blueprint Workshop with TLC management. The purpose of this workshop was to understand TLC’s business challenges, key pain points and objectives.This was followed by industry research, business analysis and project consultation with the client.

Solution Offered by Credencys

Credencys developed a single web-based application “TLC Customer Loyalty Programme(CLP) Management System”. The new system also has several feature upgrades and an advanced reporting system.

What’s new in the upgraded TLC Application suite


  • The web based application eliminates the need for on-site configuration and service support
  • Easier to distribute and manage

Inclusion of Smart Configuration System

  • TLC clients (hospitality brands) can configure the system, set rules and customize them for each specific loyalty program type, their campaigning or hotel’s multiple properties as well.
  • The user’s rights and permissions can be specified to moderate multi-user and user-specific sign-ups.

Custom-fit for every site

  • TLC can easily provide customized solutions to hospitality clients for their specific business requirements
  • The client can further customize it for its individual property or sites from a central system
  • The CLP application has user specific functions accessible by multiple users and easily moderated by master admin

Centralized System

  • CLP at Multiple locations could be managed and monitored from a centralized system
  • Facilitating the users to implement and operate the marketing strategies and promotional programs across all/selective associated systems, in one go. Thus, enabling the businesses to encash the opportunities on right time

Operations & Program Management

  • Full-fledged features for entire lead management and membership management
  • Smoothly and accurately manages redemption and upgradation processes
  • Manage the campaigns, lead management, members accounts, and partner’s account for brand’s loyalty or promotional programs
  • To improvise customer support desk services, it enables them to reach TLC’s call centers and data management services, in no time

Design Upgradations

  • Credencys delivered the upgraded designs, functional collaboration, well-defined structure, and the handy user’s role management system
  • It also saves a lot of unproductive costs, efforts, and hassles

Advanced Reporting System

  • Standardized criteria and customization flexibilities to suit multiple hospitality brands.
  • The advanced features are defined in the system to make it objectively useful for different departments.
  • DSR, PoS, PMS, Member account and status, MGM, FnB, Receipt reconciliation, Membership, Telecalling Reports, etc. are some of the important reports, helping in reliable decision making for the clients.
  • Defines criterias to analyse the success report of the loyalty programs.

Gaining customer engagement through Mobile

  • Mobile App for members to operate and monitor their membership accounts with TLC’s clients.
  • The membership process to encash the benefits are now mobilized and leads to accelerating member-engagement. For improved member services, this app enables to instantly connect to member support system.
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