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Engineered a PIM solution for automotive parts manufacturer Rough Country that improves operational efficiency




Product Information Management (PIM)

Executive Summary

Credencys deployed a Product Information Management (PIM) solution to manage all the automotive aftermarket products and accessories along with its digital assets (product images) in a single platform.

The PIM solution helped Rough Country with

  • A single source of truth to manage products, assets, and ACES data
  • Seamless integration of ACES database
  • A workflow for the sales and marketing team to streamline the complex processes of data enrichment, data approval, and data validation

Client Background

Since 1975, Rough Country has been a leading manufacturer and distributor of branded aftermarket automotive products and accessories. They specialize in manufacturing and selling aftermarket suspension systems, lift kits, leveling kits, and other off-road accessories for trucks and SUVs.

The client sells its aftermarket automotive products and accessories through a Magento-based eCommerce website, marketplaces (such as Amazon), and a dealer network.


  • Inefficient management of product (ERP), asset (Dropbox), and ACES database across multiple systems
  • Time-consuming processes of the marketing team
    • Enrich, validate, and approve the product information
    • Map the right assets with the right automotive products
  • Lack of data governance resulted in poor data quality
  • Manual process to manage ACES database and map products to the right vehicle models
  • Complex processes of the sales team
    • Enrich, validate, approve, and publish the product and asset information
    • Compatibility mapping of products with appropriate vehicle models using the ACES database
    • Syndicating products and ACES data on 3rd party sales channels like AutoZone & O’Reilly
  • Manual processes for product data syndication, publishing, and fitment data management

How Credencys Helped?

  • Implemented a PIM that works as a single source of truth for products, assets, and ACES data
  • Product data onboarding takes place in the ERP system, we integrated ERP with PIM for seamless product data injection into PIM system
  • Integrated DAM for the marketing team to manage the digital assets centrally and map the multiple assets with the right products efficiently
  • Integrated ACES database with PIM to ensure accurate compatibility mapping of automotive products with vehicle models for the sales team
  • Developed and integrated a custom fitment table into PIM by integrating the ACES database to enhance fitment association between products and vehicles
  • Deployed a user experience portal to simplify product and asset search and filtering, data management, and workflow management for sales and marketing team
  • Seamless syndication of accurate products and ACES data on 3rd party sales channels like AutoZone & O’Reilly
  • PIM automated the processes for fitment management and data publishing to downstream channels
  • Automated the multistage data enrichment, validation, and approval workflow for the sales and marketing team
  • Implemented a role-based automated approval process to address data governance difficulties and ensure data quality and security

Business Result


Faster operations due to automated processes


Improvement in customer experience


Increase in employees’ efficiency

Adoption of the Product Information Management (PIM) solution brought remarkable outcomes and substantial advantages for Rough Country. It has streamlined various data-driven operations for the sales and marketing teams by eliminating manual processes.

Apart from driving efficiency in the sales and marketing team, PIM ensures that only verified product data get published on different sales channels. Now, customers have access to correct, complete, and updated information about aftermarket automotive products. This has increased customer experience and satisfaction too.

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