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Touchscreen CMS App to showcase the research work done by Raytheon scientists

An interactive touch-enabled solution to showcase and spread the research work of Raytheon scientists among the community of 67000+ employees

Client’s Industry

Defense Manufacturing



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Client background

Founded in the year 1922, Raytheon is an innovation and technology leader specializing in cybersecurity, civil government, and defense solutions. It offers state-of-the-art electronics, C5ITM products and services, mission system integration, effects, sensing, and mission support services.

What was the objective of the client?

Raytheon has a massive team of scientists and engineers in their R&D department. They have been performing a tremendous amount of research every day. Today, Raytheon holds 13000+ active patents while 4300+ patent applications are pending.

The problem was that Raytheon scientists and researchers have remained unrecognized by its community of 67000+ employees. They wanted to fill the void of exposing scientific discovery among the Raytheon community by showcasing the excellent work they did to date in order to motivate their current employees.

The client wanted an interactive solution that should be more impactful than just providing information to every employee about their research work.

How Credencys helped the client in achieving the objective?

Credencys offered a WordPress CMS based website that enables Raytheon Patent Lounge with complete control over the content. We helped the client to design and implement the application over a large touchscreen interface, which allows visitors to quickly search for the patents and work done by Raytheon researchers to date.


Key features of the ​​​​​​​application

Patent search

Visitors can directly search patents by typing in the inventor's name or keywords used in patents. Moreover, visitors can also view the patents by selecting from one of the categories of work that Raytheon does.


It will help visitors to search for patents accurately and quickly.

Wide variety of content

Using the CMS, a user can upload content in multiple formats. For example, PDF, image (jpeg & png), video (mp4 & mkv). Visitors can read patents, view images, or watch videos in a few clicks.


Such a variety of content helped the client to increase employee engagement.

Technology stack

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