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Client background

The client is a top-notch light manufacturer from the United States. They manufacture innovative lights for the leading lighting brands in the U.S. Having a century-long industry establishment, the client has two manufacturing units across the nation.

They have a team of 700+ employees who have proven expertise and experience to design, engineer, manufacture, and distribute the lights for residential and commercial needs.

What were the business challenges?

The client used to manage the product data into multiple proprietary Content Management Systems and admins. They were facing several challenges as listed below.

  • As the information is scattered across the different systems, it was tough for the client to manage the consistency of product data and update the website with the current data.
  • The customers got confused as they were not able to access required and updated information on the website. This situation required the unnecessary intervention of the support team to clarify the information published on the website.
  • Management of digital marketing activities became complicated as the digital marketing managers required extensive training of each proprietary content management system.
  • Due to the absence of an efficient and reliable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Product Information Management (PIM) software and the presence of a Content Management System (CMS) with limited features, the client was facing the issue of data inaccuracy and data inconsistency.

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What was the approach?

In the initial phase of the project, business analysts collected the client’s requirements and understood the business challenges. The business analysts co-coordinated with the client to gather the requirements.

They analyzed the project requirements to provide the right solution and define the project development scopes.

It was decided to develop a digital platform that allows the client to manage multiple websites from a single place without investing much effort. Also, integration of the PIM framework of Pimcore and existing MS Dynamics CRM helps the client to manage the data accurately and effortlessly.

Business analysts and project managers worked together to define project scopes. Once the scopes were defined, the project manager and development team started working on project development implementing DevOps practices.

The Quality Assurance team ensured the functioning of the different features of the solution to deliver a high performing digital platform to the client.


How Pimcore platform addressed the challenges?

The client has established a brand new presence for its light manufacturing business by developing a digital platform using Pimcore.

Using the CMS capabilities of Pimcore, the client developed a digital platform from where they can manage their multiple websites effortlessly from a single platform. Thus, the client does not need to manage multiple proprietary systems anymore.

They can leverage the multilingual support, multi-currency support, SEO elements, and more to expand the business and optimize the online presence.

Integration with the client’s existing CRM with PIM allows the client to manage the product data and customer data in a consolidated way with next level accuracy.

The new digital platform connects the CMS, PIM, and CRM so that the client can manage the website content, product data, and customer data seamlessly from a single platform.

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Key features of the solution

Centralized data management

All the product data and assets are synchronized with the help of MS Dynamics CRM to enable the client with a single source of product data. Offering a centralized product data management the client can manage and update the data in real-time with greater accuracy and consistency.


Customized website development

“Template Engine Technology” is a Pimcore plugin. It extensively uses the Areablocks technology of Pimcore.

The solution uses this plugin to empower the digital marketing team by allowing them to create an appealing website with customized content and layout. So, the client can build multiple websites as per their business needs without investing a lot of development effort.

Role-based access

For the security of product information, the admin panel has role-based access. It allows only certain people to add, edit, remove, and view the product information based on their roles. This reduces the risk of data loss and improves data accuracy.

For instance, an executive-level user has limited rights for data access. They can view only limited details they need to deal with.

On the other hand, management level users can access all the data available across the organization. They can also have the right to add, edit, remove, and view any data available across the company.


Content management system

The Pimcore Content Management System allows the client to configure the SEO features, manage the multiple sites intuitively, and share content blocks between the websites.

The content module of Pimcore CMS enables the client with a wide variety of presentations of the content in a multitude of manners by avoiding the risks of impairing the design, layout, and harmony of the website.

Business impacts/benefits of the solution

Improved customer satisfaction

Due to the effective management of multiple websites, the client can easily target the specific audience so that the customers (interior designers, architectures, traders, project managers, B2C enterprises, etc.) can have all required product information about the lighting products whenever they visit their preferred websites.

Increased brand awareness

Leveraging the Web2Print capability of Pimcore, the client can avoid the manual creation of the datasheet. Moreover, the solution allows the client to distribute updated information across multiple websites. This helps the client improve brand awareness by enabling customers with updated information about the lighting products.


The new digital platform has simplified the content marketing and publishing process. It enables the client to have complete control over the content as well as streamline the process of product data management and other content creation and management.

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