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Cloud-based Management optimization app

Simplifying resource management strategy optimization

About the Client

The Client has been providing services for sustainable global environment future for over 25 years. Its services mainly includes Architecture Engineering, Remediation, Modeling and Optimization services for Water Resources, Energy & Military Munitions Response programs.

Existing Business Scenario

To achieve optimal management strategies, the client uses an array of cutting-edge tools for Modeling, Data Management, and Physics-based Management Optimization solutions.


These management optimization tools were Desktop Applications, helping decision makers to optimize their remediation strategy, maximize output and minimize risks. But, for growing business operations and marketing, the need of a mobilizing the PBMO Tool was identified.

Application Overview

Credencys analysed the existing system and consulted the client team. The outcome were to design and develop a cloud-based web application for PBMO Toolkit.

Application Functions

This application automates the functions involved in “Strategy Optimization” for Environmental Clean-up, Energy Production, Mining Operation, Water Resource Evaluation.


Site Investigation: Using existing Scanning Models identifying improvement and restricted areas to work.


Simulation: Testing of available options of strategy designs and checking their performance efficiency.


Optimization: Comparing the end results of multiple tests, analysing them, & shortlisting the appropriate strategy options.


Probability & Statistics: In-depth evaluation of test results of selected strategies to get detailed and relevant insights on risks involved, usability, and efficiency. This leads to selection of appropriate strategy, and closer prediction of results.

Application Advantages

  • Reliable Strategies built on Global Optimization Algorithms and Physics-based Models
  • Intelligible and Automated Optimization Tool-kit
  • Competent to Subscription Model
  • Provides Most Effective strategy to Manage and Utilize Resources
  • Incorporates Stakeholder Input into Optimal Decision Strategy
  • Eliminates redundancy, inaccuracy & avails cost-efficient solutions.
  • Achieving milestone objectives under time-bound projects with confined availability of resources.
  • Facilitate stakeholders to input and have regulatory decisions.
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