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Social Networking Solution for Fitness Enthusiasts

Leader driven online meetings for fitness related guidance and inspiration

About the Client

Weight Watchers is a US based global company known for its celebrity endorsed health & fitness programs. The company uses a science-driven approach to help participants lose weight by forming helpful habits, eating smarter, getting more exercise and providing support.

Business Story

The company offers several programs suited to varying fitness needs. “Weekly Meetings” is its most prominent and impressive health program. The program is commenced by a leader, who has personally experienced the journey of embracing a healthy lifestyle with Weight Watchers.


Under this program, the leader shares his own success story and experiences of managing the challenges involved in adopting healthy living. He personally motivates peer group members, conducts the group discussions, presentations, weekly fitness challenges, and such other activities to create a supporting and positive environment conducive to achieving health goals.

Business Challenges

WW’s health experts found that when it comes to forming new habits and changing established routines, weekly meetings are not sufficient. For more effective results, continuous motivation and frequent goal recalling was required.

Credencys Solution

Credencys understood and offered a user specific mobile application for WW’s weekly meeting members and leaders aka “Member Engagement App (ME App)”. This connected platform frequently reminds and motivates members to follow a healthy lifestyle. It also provides leaders with an organized way of planning and commencing meetings.

Application Highlights

Weekly Meetings

With the mobile App, the WW leaders can manage and set up their own profile, meeting schedules, agenda/topics and events. They can also invite the members, get details of interested attendees, and record meeting feedbacks.

The subscribed WW members can access this App to search upcoming meetings and register themselves for it. Search filters, such as leaders name, their profile, nearby locality, meeting topics etc., are available to find the meetings that best match their interests.

Social Page

Here leaders can share weekly meeting outcomes, goals or challenges, suggest health strategies, diet plans, smart eating, physical activities, etc. to keep the members motivated even post-meetings.

Meeting members and leaders can interact, informally. They can share their stories, pictures, videos, comments, healthy-recipes, food recommendations or restaurant guides, etc. They can also address leaders or other members to discuss and get help in health and fitness concerns.

Other Features

It contains message boards, group chats, voting polls, forums and community posts, etc. Using this application members can also invite and refer their friends from their personal contacts. The App is designed to support WW’s online store, e-magazine, nearby in-stores, press releases, etc.

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