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A market place application for a premier supermarket chain

The tablet app connects the supermarket stores with the customers to sell their varied services

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Client background

The client is a leading supermarket chain from the USA, having 40 grocery stores in Southern California. They sell fresh vegetables, meat, grocery, bakery products, etc. to their customers. Besides food products, the client offers different services to the customers that involve check cashing, money order, utility bill payment, microloans, insurance, top-ups, and wire transfer. They have a large customer base who consumes these services frequently.

What were the challenges of the client?

The client used to manage their customers, products, and services information in a web-based system. They encountered several challenges with their existing system as it was not flexible, automated and scalable to perform their daily operations on the go.

The system allowed to enter very basic and limited information about the customers

The same user registered in the system multiple times from different stores. So, customer identification became tough as the same user had multiple profiles

The manual check cashing process was too lengthy and inefficient that it took 3 to 4 days to get the check deposited and credited in the client’s bank account

Delay in check cashing affected the revenue reconciliation process

As the system displayed multiple profiles of the same user, there was no clarity about the number of transactions carried out by an individual customer

How Credencys helped the client in addressing the challenges?

Credencys developed a tablet application that has simplified the registration flow and digitized the check cashing process for the store associates and managers. The app is specifically designed for the SAMSUNG Galaxy tab S4 Portrait view only. To address the client's challenges, we have

  • Redesigned the customer registration flow to create one single identity for each unique customer
  • Integrated web-based software with tablet app so the store associates and managers can have a holistic view of the customer’s profile
  • Implemented digital check cashing process to reduce the check deposit time and boost the revenue cycle

Key features of the application

Key results achieved through the app

Previously, the check cashing process was taking three to four days. It is reduced to one day after the implementation of the new app.

Business impact/benefits of the app

Accelerated revenue cycle

With the tablet-based app, the client was able to reduce the check cashing process. Digitization has eliminated the time of visiting the bank and depositing the check to get the amount credited in the client's account. Submitting the scanned copy of the checks, now the client can receive money in their account on the same day or next day.

Elimination of user profile duplication

With centralized customer data management, all the 40+ stores of the client can access all the information about individual customers. Face recognition helps them to identify the customers and track their profiles. So there is a complete elimination of the same customer or profile duplication.

Technology stack