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Client background

The client is an individual who deals with a virtual currency called Kringle. He uses virtual currency while making financial transactions with his merchants, partners, customers, agencies, and others.

What was the
objective of the client?

The client is connected with 30K+ merchants. He wanted to develop a web portal and a mobile app for his merchants. He wanted to allow them to manage all the products in a web portal and display these products to the end-users through a mobile app.

He wanted to develop a mobile app that the merchants can reuse with basic customization to promote their products.


How Credencys helped the
client in achieving the

Credencys developed a web portal using React JS as a frontend framework and Pimcore as a backend framework. We utilized React Native for mobile app development.

Web Portal

The web portal allows the client manages all the merchants and permits all the merchants manage the products they want to promote. It is a flexible and scalable solution that allows the client to add and manage any number of merchants. Currently, the client manages 30K+ merchants in this portal. It allows merchants to store and manage all the product information in a centralized platform.

We have utilized the Product Information Management and Digital Asset Management frameworks of Pimcore. So, the client can manage such a huge volume of product data and media assets seamlessly in a single location by achieving high performance for the portal at the same time.

Mobile App

We developed a mobile app for the client. The client wanted to allow its merchants to reuse the app with little customization and launch it on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. To be different from the apps of other merchants, a merchant is allowed to

  • Add intellect properties like logo, tagline, etc. wherever required
  • Apply color customization (basic color and standard color)
  • Update the images and content as per their specific business like restaurants, bars, hotels, etc.

We established a seamless connection amongst the web portal and mobile app that allows merchants to manage the product information in the web portal and display the same product data on the mobile application.

Key features of the app

Multi-user management

The web portal allows the client to register any number of merchants. It allows multiple users to log into the system at the same time and perform their intended activities. Currently, 30k+ merchants are using the web portal to manage their wide range of products in a centralized platform.


Product data management

Though all the merchants are registered with the same web portal, each merchant has its own admin panel where they manage their unlimited products in a structured way. We utilized the Product Information Management framework of Pimcore to manage the product data.

Merchants are allowed to translate, classify, and aggregate product information and get a consolidated view of all the products they want to promote.

Digital asset management

Implementing the Digital Asset Management framework of Pimcore, we allowed the merchants to manage their digital assets in a centralized repository. Merchants can manage varied media assets like product images, videos, user manuals, documentation, intellectual properties, etc. in the web portal.


Product catalog management

Along with product data management, the Product Information Management framework allows merchants to create and manage the product catalog quickly with accurate and updated product data.

Mobile app development

Credencys developed a mobile application for the client. He wanted to allow the merchants to reuse the app with some basic customizations of colors, intellectual property, content, and images. They launch the customized apps on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.


Data synchronization

We integrated the web portal with the mobile app. It allows merchants to add, store, manage, and update the product data in the web portal and push the content on the mobile app. The end-users of the merchants who have downloaded the app can have access to the updated product information at their fingertips.

Blog management

Merchants are allowed to create and publish blogs from their respective admin panel. These blogs get published on their respective mobile app of every merchant.


Push notifications

Each merchant can create and broadcast messages to its respective mobile app users from their respective web portals. App users receive messages in the form of push notifications.

Business impacts/benefits of the app

Improved product time-to-market

Merchants can manage all the products in a single location. They can store, manage, aggregate, and distribute the product information on different platforms like mobile in no time with the help of an advanced PIM solution.

Increased revenue stream

The client allows its merchants to register with the web portal and reuse the mobile app by charging a certain amount. Thus, the more merchants want to register with the web portal and use the mobile app, the more revenue the client will earn.


Registering with such portals is quite cost-effective in comparison to developing a new web portal and mobile app. Small businesses cannot afford to build a completely customized digital solution for their business. The client helps such SMEs to grow their business with less investment.

Technology stack