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Client background

Kenmare is a premier mine manufacturing company headquartered in Ireland. They are the market leader in Moma mines by providing the three major products of the mines such as Zircon, Rutile, and Ilmenite.

Business operations of Kenmare are spread across the globe. They have a large mining manufacturing unit in Mozambique, Africa as the country holds the world’s largest titanium mineral deposits. They are recognized as a major supplier of mineral sand products to the worldwide customer base operating in over 15 countries.

What was the
objective of the client?

The client used to manage the product information in its existing ERP system, SYSPRO. It was difficult for them to share the product information with the suppliers, on-field staff, and other users. They needed to export a CSV file of the product data from ERP and convert them into an excel sheet with the proper format then share it with users.

The client wanted to make the data accessible to the users (suppliers and field technicians) using a digital platform to cut down on manual intervention for compiling and sharing the data. Moreover, they wanted to allow their catalog management team to update and validate the product information through an automated workflow.


How Credencys helped the
client in achieving the

Credencys developed a web portal and admin panel for the client using the Pimcore platform that allows the client to manage their wide range of products easily using different capabilities of PIM.

To enable Kenmare with seamless management of its more than 40k products, we utilized different abilities of Pimcore platform such as:

  • Product Information Management
  • Master Data Management
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Customer Data Management
  • Web Content Management

Web Portal

The web portal is a view-only platform for external users. They can view the product list and check the attributes. If they notice any product attribute needs correction, they can send a Request for Correction to the catalog management team to update the information.

Admin panel

We developed an admin panel for Kenmare using the Pimcore technology. The Pimcore based backend allows internal users to manage users, users’ roles, product information, product attributes, and Request for Correction process efficiently by implementing advanced modules.

It helped the internal users (admin user, catalog manager, & catalog management team) automate their complex approval process for Request for Correction.

Key features of the app

Product Information Management (PIM)

We implemented the Product Information Management component of Pimcore to allow the client to manage a number of products seamlessly. Kenmare can add, update, and delete the product information from the admin panel as per their changing requirements.


Product attributes management

Harnessing the capabilities of Master Data Management of Pimcore, we developed an attribute management feature that allows the client to define default and custom attributes for all the products. This feature allows the client to enrich the product information by collecting additional data.

User management

We developed a user management feature and integrated it into the web portal so that Kenmare can effectively manage internal users (admin team, internal department users & catalog manager), who access the admin panel, and external users (field technicians & suppliers), who access the web portal.

Moreover, to manage the information about both internal and external users, we utilized Customer Data Management (CDM) of Pimcore.


Request for correction

The web portal allows external users to view the list of products, apply the filter, use search features, and view product details. They can submit the Request for Correction form if any of the product information is not correct or incomplete.

Roles & permission based access

We have automated the approval process of Request for Correction by defining the roles & permission for all internal users and implementing review & approval workflow.


Data synchronization

We have set up bi-directional synchronization between the client’s existing ERP system, SYSPRO, and the Product Information Management system of Pimcore. So, the client can have updated product data on both systems.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

We implemented Digital Asset Management to store and manage product images, documents, PDFs, excel sheets, and such product related documents.


Business impacts/benefits of the app

Streamlined operational workflow

By enabling the internal staff of Kenmare with the automated workflow for Request of Correction, we helped them streamline their complex process of change request validation and implementation. The employees can validate the new information and push the correct data to the web portal seamlessly.

Delivered a better customer experience

With the effective implementation of the Request for Correction process, the client can enrich their product information and improve the product data quality. Kenmare can launch complete and accurate information about the products on the web portal that helps them in delivering a better customer experience.

Through the bi-directional data synchronization between SYSPRO ERP system and Pimcore, the portal displays the latest data to the users.

Improved Employee Efficiency

Due to the automated workflow of Request for Correction, the internal users experienced a considerable improvement in their efficiency as they can perform the complicated product information validation process seamlessly in less time and with more accuracy.

Enriched product information

As we established bi-direction data synchronization between SYSPRO ERP and Pimcore based web and admin portals, the internal users of Kenmare can access the updated and quality data of the users, products, and product attributes from the ERP system.