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A gamification app development for a premier automobile company

Developed an interesting gaming mobile app for Jeep to deliver a treasure hunt experience to the customers

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Web, iOS & Android

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Client background

Jeep is one of the highly popular automobile brands across the globe. They are in the vehicle manufacturing business since 1940. During the journey of 80 years, they launched a wide variety of sport utility vehicles and luxury vehicles. The brand is known for manufacturing vehicles with different styles, advanced features, modern designs, and the latest automobile techniques.

Jeep has a strong customer base who is loyal to the brand for years. The client wanted to increase brand awareness of the new car Jeep Compass in India. They wanted to launch a game to engage with the Jeep lovers from the earliest stage.

What was the objective of the client?

To promote the new model Jeep Compass, the brand designed a different marketing strategy. They wanted to create a game where Jeep lovers can participate and the winner will get a Jeep Compass car for free. The gaming requirements were

The game had 23 levels and each level had certain tasks that users had to perform

Users will earn badges and points after the successful completion of each task

After the completion of each level, the users can access information about the car features

They wanted the flexibility to activate the game for a certain time period as per their requirements

User with all badges and maximum points would be the winner

How Credencys helped the client in achieving the objective?

Offering a gamification app for iOS and Android platforms, Credencys helped Jeep India to promote their brand new car Jeep Compass in an interesting way. We developed a web-based admin panel from where the client can update and manage the tasks manually.

Credencys successfully implemented all the gaming aspects expected by the client. We created a completely different experience for the Jeep lovers by allowing them to participate in an exciting game and win the Jeep Compass car.


Key features of the ​​​​​​​application

Game levels

The game had 23 levels that every user had to pass through by performing certain activities defined by the client. Users will earn badges and points only after the successful completion of a certain level.

Tasks & activities

Every badge (Geofence Badges & Activity Badges) works as per the defined rules and instructions that each user has to follow to win the game. After the completion of a certain task or activity, the user will earn a badge that will add a few points to user’s account.


Dashboard/Leaderboard allows users to see the top ten participants who are ahead in the game. They can view a number of badges, points, rank/position and all achievements. It encourages users to compete to win the race.


When the users complete a level, they will get a notification on their registered mobile number about the same along with information of the badge and points they earned.

Google map integration

Integration of Geolocation delivers a more localized and personalized experience to the app users by using geographic location information of individuals.

Information display

After successful completion of a level, the app will display information about a feature of the car to the user along with the respective video clip.


Business impact/benefits of the app

Improved brand awareness

The client received a tremendous response from the customers. Users participated in the game and explored the different features of the Jeep Compass before its official launch in India.

Increased customer engagement

Effective implementation of the game allowed the brand to connect with more users and create a strong customer base for the existing and upcoming Jeep products.

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