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Client background

IronList is one of the fastest growing online sales and auction aggregator platforms for used heavy equipment and machinery in India. They provide different types of machinery to varied sectors like construction, transportation, agriculture, energy, oil and gas, mining, and forestry worldwide.

The client has implemented the best search and discovery platform for the heavily fragmented used heavy equipment & machinery industry for different users, including vendors, contractors, pipeline companies, construction, etc.

What was the
objective of the client?

Import and export of heavy equipment and machinery is the core business of IronList. They serve a large customer base across the globe. The client is connected with several suppliers that sell and rent the heavy equipment and machinery.

IronList wanted to develop a data aggregator platform that allows them to manage the data of heavy equipment and machinery products, suppliers, and customers along with content.


How Credencys helped the
client in achieving the

Credencys developed a data aggregate solution for the client using the Pimcore platform. We developed a web portal for IronList using Product Information Management, Digital Asset Management, Digital Experience Platform, and Customer Data Platform of Pimcore.

The web portal allows the client to manage the suppliers, customers, and the massive product data of heavy equipment and machinery in the Pimcore based backend. The frontend of the solution allows the buyers to search and view the product details.

Key features of the app

Search filter

The client has a massive database of heavy equipment and machinery. Earlier, when the customers visit the portal, it was difficult for them to find the product they were looking for.

We developed a search filter where buyers can enter equipment name and/ or brand and select other filters to get relevant results.


Product Information Management (PIM)

Integration of Product Information Management allows the client to manage all the information about heavy equipment and machinery products along with a wide variety of product attributes, categories, and more in a centralized repository.

Master Data Management (MDM)

We utilized Master Data Management of Pimcore to allow the data aggregator solution to manage all master data directly from the admin panel. The client can manage master records of products directly from the admin panel. They do not need to perform any operations on the database.


Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Implementing Digital Asset Management in the web portal, we allowed the client to store and manage every digital file in a folder structure. The integration of the category image management feature allows the client to manage the images in the relevant categories.

Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

Digital Experience Platform of Pimcore contains all the capabilities of a content management system. IronList creates static pages and email templates harnessing an open-source digital experience platform.

The client manages content for different types of documents such as Page, Snippet, Link, Email, Newsletter, Hardlink, Folder, PrintPage, PrintContainer, etc. in a single platform. We have designed a digital experience module by considering static content pages for each language.

The data aggregator platform allows the client to design different email templates. Also, all configurations like To, From, Subject, etc. are set and managed in the module.


Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Implementation of the Customer Data Platform allows IronList to manage any number of customers seamlessly in a single location. The client is allowed to activate, deactivate, and delete any customer. They can add and edit the information about any new and existing customers respectively.

The CDP module captures customers' activity logs that allow the client to check when the users logged in and what activities they performed in the portal.

Business impacts/benefits of the app

Increased revenue stream

IronList allows suppliers to register with the portal for free. But, to get the maximum benefit of the data aggregator platform, suppliers have to select a subscription plan offered by the platform.

If the supplier is registered for free, the buyers can see product details for their products. On the other hand, suppliers with a subscription plan can provide contact details to the buyers along with the product information.

Single source of truth

IronList can manage all its products, customers, suppliers, media assets, content, and other data in a single platform. They can have access to aggregated data with a consolidated view that enables them with exclusive insights about the different aspects of their business and help them to make the right strategic and operational decisions.

Better customer experience

Create and deliver an outstanding customer experience by enabling them with enriched, complete, and highly relevant product information.

Improved product time-to-market

The digital platform allows IronList to manage a large volume and variety of product data efficiently in a centralized location. Being a single source of publishing, the client can push all the product data on the consumer-facing web portal to enable the customers with updated product information.

Technology stack