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IoT based mobile app for Halo Smart Smoke Alarms

Intelligent app working proactively to help users keep their house safe from fire accidents.


Halo Smart Labs is a US-based smart alarms manufacturing company. Their smoke alarms product range is capable of quickly detecting fast and slow-burning fires, carbon monoxide and can also differentiate between a false alarm and a real fire. Halo smart labs planned to take their product range to next level of smartness by incorporating IoT. The idea was to enable fire alerts on users’ mobile devices, helping them take any preventive action even when they are away from their homes/premises.

Solution by Credencys

Credencys developed IoT enabled mobile application for Halo device users and a Backend Panel for Halo administrators to manage the devices.

Halo Admin Backend

With this web-based application, Halo administrators can get the overview of Halo devices and app usage, push firmware updates over-the-air, manage fire-station database, manage detailed alarm events history etc.

Halo Mobile App Highlights

  • Credencys developed the mobile app using Xively IoT Platform to establish connection between the alarm and the application.
  • Users can customize the alarm features as per their preference using this mobile app.
  • On any specific threat detection by alarm device, the connected mobile device(s) are notified in real time with the voice notification, alarming buzz and RGB LED-based visual alert.
  • The device hush system is designed smartly that assures that user has not oversighted the alerts.
  • Integrated with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) API to creates voice alerts in case of emergencies like extreme weather (tornado, hurricane, floods) or other life threats.

Additional App Features

  • Multiple smartphones can be connected with single Halo device. Likewise, multiple Halo devices can be connected to a single mobile device. Thus, family and friends can also get alerts in case of an emergency.
  •  Credencys has provided a smart design of controlling and operating this device to assure that the user has not mistakenly avoided the warning.
  •  The app has the fire station and other emergency contact database. Using that the user can set his preference of emergency contacts which facilitates the users to ask for emergency assistance in no time.
  •  Users can control Halo’s the RGB LEDs and can use the device as a night lamp with flexibility to change the light colors and brightness.
  •  The app can also automate the device switch on/off actions.
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