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Complete Digital Solution for managing Cab Companies

Helping cab companies with solutions for their back-office along with mobile apps for passenger and driver

About the Client

The Diplomat product group started in 1989 with its 2-way radio and associated radio communication hardware. Since then the group has established itself as technology enabler for cab operators. The company offers a range of mobile solutions and driver applications that can be downloaded to suit individual business needs.

Cab Bureau

Cab Bureau Application Suite is designed and developed by Credencys. It is a cross channel SaaS based application package. The suite includes an ERP system, a driver app to receive booking information and a passenger app for online bookings. Offering flexibility, these standalone applications can be used in different combinations to suit different business models, sizes, and specific requirements.


The suite brings transparency, reliability and ease of management to operations. With this suite, cab owners can monitor their vehicles and driver-behaviours, in real time. Decision makers can view service quality and other reports for better controls on their business. Also, the suite offers personalised themes for every cab company for their branding needs.

Diplomat Navigator

Diplomat Navigator is a cloud based ERP system for cab companies, accessible on web or mobile device. It helps Cab Companies to manage and moderate cab booking, despatches, passenger details, invoicing, POS credits and driver accounts etc. in a structured and intelligible manner. Elimination of manual billing and account management saves abundant of unproductive operating costs and time.


It also has third party integrations for driver statements, passenger invoicing, SMS gateway, passenger portal, business insights and analytics

Passenger Application

Using this application or it’s web interface, passengers can book the cabs online in-advance or for immediate ride.


The passenger mobile application enables cab-seekers to search and check availability of nearby cabs in real time and also provides option for scheduling a cab in advance. It also provides the closer options for cab availability, in case the search criteria does not match. The passenger can choose and book the cab, and make the payment via cash or online mode. Alternatively, the passenger can directly make a call to his choice of cab company and get the cab booked, if he does not use the application.


On this application passengers can also view their travel history, billing, payments, driver ratings,passenger information, etc.

Driver Application

Drivers can receive passenger-bookings on driver application. This application is integrated to the data aggregator and the navigator system of cab owners. It enables driver app to receive bookings from passenger app or navigator directly, in real time.


This app can also fetch the passengers’ booking details, their real-time location and perform distance calculations to schedule nearest available cabs. The geo locator integration enables the app to direct the drivers towards destination. The driver can manage his availability by signing in or off.


The driver application is very convenient and cost effective as it can be installed into any existing android device, DVR or third party android mobile data terminal.

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CGG – Cab Bureau Global Gateway

CGG enables the cab companies to customize their app package & payment options as per their business requirements.


To enable this, Data aggregator has been developed as a single interface interconnecting multiple applications. It is the heart of the entire Cab-bureau application suite. As it can communicate, manage and monitor the information across Cab Bureau applications, CMS and integrated third parties, in real-time.


Data aggregator avails this flexibility to cab companies to independently manage their app package or to use it as SaaS package hosted by Diplomat. Thus, the users can enjoy the benefits of “pay-as-you go” method. To add value in branding of these cab companies, a personalised UI theme is also provided.