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Development of an android player box solution to market soft drink products of a leading beverage brand

Delivered a personalized experience to Coke lovers during a marketing campaign in Los Angeles

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Client background

Coca-cola is the oldest and premier beverage brand established in 1886. They have a strong presence in 200+ countries across all the continents with 500+ brands and 4300+ products. Due to the unique, interesting and exciting marketing strategies, they continue to dominate the world soft-drink market till the date.

What was the objective of the client?

The brand wanted to deliver a unique experience to the Coke lovers by allowing them to take pictures with their preferred text imposed on a Coke bottle having 8ft height. They wanted to have a solution in place as an integral part of a marketing campaign in Los Angeles.

The app required integration with Android Player Boxes, kiosk display, projector, and web camera. The client wanted customers to enter their preferred text and email address through the touch-enabled Android Player Box to send personalized photographs to the Coke lovers.

How Credencys helped the client in achieving the objective?

Credencys developed two Android applications (Kiosk app & Projection app )that helped the client in achieving their objective effectively. Integrating Kiosk Mode, Projection Mode, & Android Player Box Devices, we displayed the customers desired text on the 8ft heightened Coke bottle and allowed customers to have a personalized picture with their text.

Key features of the application

  • Integration

    Two Android Player Boxes connected with touch-enabled kiosk display, web camera, and projector. There was integration between Kiosk application and Projection application to allow customers to select the type of coke and insert their text and email addresses.

  • Personalization

    Customers can write the text on the touch-enabled Kiosk display. They need to select a preferred bottle type from Diet Coke, Regular Coke, and Sugar-Free Coke. The projector displays the selected text within the preferred bottle frame.

  • Wi-Fi connectivity

    Both the Android Player Boxes are connected through the same wi-fi network. It allows to exchange the data amongst kiosk display, web camera and projector to capture the picture at the right time and send photographs to the customers in real-time.

  • Web camera

    Once the text is displayed by the projector on the bottle, an integrated web camera takes the three pictures of the users.

Business impact/benefits of the app

Improved customer engagement

The brand gained tremendous customer engagement during the marketing campaign by offering a personalized experience to users. Customers loved to take personalized pictures with the Coke bottle.

Empowered revenue cycle

The brand took the benefit of improved brand recognition and recall. The more customers interacted with the Android app, the sooner they inclined to buy the products.

Technology stack

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