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Earning Cashback on purchasing Beverages

Innovative marketing channel for liquor brands, repeat customers for retailers and great deals for customer

About BevRAGE App

BevRAGE is an app owned by Bevrage, LLC – a Connecticut based start-up which works in partnership with liquor companies in the region.

BevRAGE observed that local liquor vendors in the region were investing a lot in print advertisements, gift vouchers and coupons without achieving any considerable ROI. Apparently, very few of the customers preferred carrying printed coupons at the time of shopping. Hence, Bevrage LLC felt the need for digitizing these coupons – a solution which had worked well for other businesses but was yet to be tried by the liquor vendors.


Credencys took this assignment to develop a mobile application, using which liquor companies can create digital coupons and allow their customers to redeem the same as per their convenience. The application allows brand owners to create and publish different type of digital coupons that can be Geo-tagged. The coupons are either sent to the customers or saved on the application. A customer can redeem these coupons anytime at stores, restaurants & bars, and even from home.


  • Customers can browse latest offers in their vicinity.
  • Customers can share the coupons on social media.
  • Coupon distribution is based on the location or customer’s preferences.
  • Easy customization for running new campaigns.
  • Brands can get real-time reporting and analytics.


  • Easy campaign management.
  • Improved brand engagement & loyalty.
  • Analytics and reports, can help marketers improve their campaign effectiveness.
  • Increased sales and profits.
  • On & Off Premise voucher redemption helps in increasing reach.
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