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Client background

The client is a multinational corporation that mainly operates in robotics, industrial automation, power grids, and heavy electrical equipment technologies. They are a market leader of manufacturing Low Voltage (LV) Motors across the globe. The client offers a wide range of services to keep the motors running impeccably.

What were the
business challenges?

The client serves to industry customers who require to install thousands of low voltage motors to run their factory operations. After a certain period of time, the motors on the factory floor become old and different parts inside the motors get damaged. In the earlier motor monitoring and maintenance process

  • On-field technicians had to measure different parameters such as speed, sound, orientation, and magnetic fields manually using different tools
  • They required to run varied tests by connecting different devices with each motor and collect data to analyze the condition of motors
  • Technicians were not getting intimation about the motors’ health before the breakdown occurred. It resulted in motors’ failure and operational downtime for the factory
  • Unexpected downtime increased the risk of permanent damage in the motors. This resulted in replacing the spoiled motor with a new one which resulted in an increase in the overall cost for the industrial customers

So, it was a very time-consuming and ineffective process for the client to monitor and maintain motors’ condition on a regular basis.

To mitigate this challenge, the client wanted to build a software solution that helps on-field technicians and service centers to perform pre-emptive maintenance of such a large quantum of motors quickly and efficiently by identifying issues in motors’ health.

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How Credencys addressed
the challenges?

The client approached Credencys to build a mobile app that helps field service staff to check motors’ health effectively. To address the challenge of motors’ pre-emptive maintenance, Credencys developed a mobile app using inbuilt sensors of the smartphone. To diagnose motor’s health, the app uses different sensors.

  • Gyroscope: To check the orientation
  • Magnetometer: To evaluate magnetic fields
  • Accelerator: To track speed
  • Microphone: To trace the sound

The mobile app collects the data of all four parameters mentioned above. Later on, the data and recording are saved to existing software of the client where the proprietary algorithm evaluates data and sends reports about issues or problems in motors’ health on the mobile app, to the service technicians. It helps them to take the required actions for pre-emptive maintenance of motors.

The mobile application was quickly adopted by service centers and technicians. Moreover, the solution was applauded at various expos.

Key features of the app

Motors’ performance monitoring

The app tracks the four different parameters such as sound, speed, magnetic fields, and orientation in order to check the performance of the motors. The data and recordings get processed in the web-based system where an algorithm is integrated. The system identifies issues and sends reports about motors’ performance to the technicians on their mobile devices.


Service technicians can get real-time insights about motors’ performance and take required actions to avoid possible failure and breakdown.


Inventory management

With the help of reports, field technicians get intimation about the issues that could be occurred in the near future. They can make a decision about whether the issue can be resolved or not. It helps to get insights about the required inventory. They can stock a few numbers of motors as they have clarity on which motors have to be replaced and which can be repaired.

Moreover, the app enables industry customers with a one-stop inventory of all the motors they own.


Industry clients can save a lot of cost on storing unnecessary inventory.

Wireless data transfer

The mobile app connects with motors within minutes via built-in wireless Bluetooth. The sensors transmit the information about motors’ operations and health in the mobile device.


Field technician access and assess the data of motors condition faster.


Faster data transmission & processing

The data gets processed in the web-based system where an algorithm is integrated. The system identifies issues and delivers an accurate output to on-field technicians and service providers. They get insights about motors’ health and take required actions to avoid possible failure or breakdown.


Service technicians can make accurate and well-informed decisions about motors’ replacement or repair.

Key Results Achieved
Through the App

  • 30% increase in employee productivity using a field service mobile app
  • 24% cost reduction for motor maintenance and breakdown

Business impacts/benefits of the app

Optimized error detection process

Leverage complete automation of the error detection process in the motor’ functioning. Field technicians do not need to apply varied testings and attach different devices to collect the data. They can check the health of motors using the mobile app and make informed decisions on motor repairing.

Reduced maintenance expenses

Motor maintenance expenses reduced considerably as the on-field technicians can get clarity about the possible failures in advance. They can repair motors in-time and increase its life cycle. Industrial customers can save the cost of motor replacement.

In-time motor servicing

Service technicians can identify problems in the motors’ operations using the mobile app. They can perform the required maintenance services before the breakdown occurs to the motors.

Do It Yourself (DIY)

The app allows industrial customers to diagnose the motors’ health by their own without the help of any technician. They can hire field technicians to perform the job of motor repairing only.

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