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A Fashion Retailer Enhances Customer Experience with Syndigo


Fashion Retail



Client Background

The client is a dynamic and fashion-forward retailer that quickly established itself as a go-to destination for trendy clothing, footwear, and accessories. With a keen eye for the latest fashion trends and a commitment to offering high-quality products, it gained a loyal customer base that appreciates their unique selection and exceptional service.

Since its inception, the brand sought to provide customers with a personalized shopping experience that reflects their individual style and preferences.


Although, the client was aware of the importance of delivering a superior customer experience to stand out from the crowd, the growth and expansion posed several challenges in maintaining consistency across their multiple sales channels including:

Inconsistent Product Information

The business struggled to maintain consistent product information across their website, mobile app, and marketplace listings. This inconsistency led to customer confusion and increased the likelihood of returns and dissatisfied customers.

Limited Rich Media Content 

The retailer lacked the ability to showcase high-quality images and videos, preventing them from effectively engaging customers and showcasing their products’ unique features.

Manual Content Management

Also, the business relied on manual processes to update product information, leading to errors and delays in reflecting accurate details across their channels. This resulted in a frustrating experience for both customers and internal teams.

How Credencys Helped?

We collaborated closely with the fashion retailer to implement Syndigo’s product content management platform, addressing the challenges faced. The following strategies were implemented:

Credencys helped the retailer establish a centralized repository for managing and updating product information. This enabled consistent and accurate information distribution across all sales channels, eliminating customer confusion

Our team worked with the retailer to integrate Syndigo’s rich media capabilities, allowing them to showcase high-quality images, videos, and 360-degree product views. This visually appealing content enhanced the customer experience and improved product engagement.

The experts at Credencys automated the process of updating product information across channels, ensuring real-time accuracy and minimizing manual errors. This significantly reduced the time and effort required to keep product information up to date.

“From the outset, Credencys took the time to thoroughly understand our specific challenges and requirements. Their expertise in customizing Syndigo’s platform to align with our needs was evident, as they seamlessly integrated it with our existing systems and processes. Their attention to detail and dedication to delivering a tailored solution were truly impressive.”

– VP, Operations

Business Results


Improvement in the consistency and accuracy of product details


Improvement in conversion rates


Reduction in time required for content updates


Increase in positive customer reviews


Reduction in operational costs

The implementation of Syndigo’s product content management platform yielded impressive results and significant benefits for the fashion retail business. Customers were able to make informed purchasing decisions, leading to a decrease in returns and an increase in positive reviews.

The business was able to capture customers’ attention and increase product engagement. This led to higher click-through rates, longer browsing durations, and improved conversion rates. Moreover, the business’s internal teams experienced increased efficiency and productivity, allowing them to focus on other critical business areas.

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