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What is a Digital Asset Management solution?

Streamline your media asset management process by implementing an advanced Digital asset management platform that allows you to manage, organize, distribute and share digital assets in a centralized library. A digital asset management solution helps businesses be more customer-centric, leverage time to market, and reduce the media design lifecycle process.

Along with storing and managing the media files, Digital asset management development facilitates businesses with collaborative editing and sharing and ensures the protection of creative content. Empower your internal processes by allowing your teams to modify, compare and distribute images, documents, and other digital files seamlessly.

What is a digital asset?

Digital assets are the backbone of the businesses as they use different media files such as images, videos, documents, etc. across different customer touchpoints to facilitate shoppers with an exclusive overview of the product.

Type of digital assets

Digital asset management allows organizations to manage a wide variety of media files in a centralized library.

Why do you need Digital Asset Management (DAM)?

  • Manage creative content & marketing resources in a centralized platform
  • Immediate access to digital assets when you require them
  • Execute your marketing campaigns quickly
  • Use and reuse media assets to extend the design lifecycle of your assets
  • Get more value out of the investment in design, photography, and more
  • Access control allows brands to stop the misuse of the assets
  • Meet your every growing need for media asset management by addressing specific requirements of all the output channels in real-time
  • Empower your marketing efforts by allowing your teams to access up-to-date branding material
  • Maintain brand consistency by distributing consistent media files across different channels
  • Media file sharing with internal and external stakeholders becomes easier than ever before

What does Digital Asset
Management do?

Proving a centralized platform for managing all the media files, digital asset management allows organizations to manage, share, and distribute the assets with greater consistency and create compelling customer experiences.

How does Digital Asset
Management work?


Upload all types of media files in a single platform by harnessing the power of digital asset management. Manage all the assets in a single solution in an organized way.

  • Upload
  • Organize


Effective asset management requires a significant amount of collaboration across the different teams of the organization. Streamline the assets review, editing, and approval processes by performing all of them from Digital asset management.

  • Review
  • Annotate
  • Edit
  • Approve


Approved assets are accessible by all the respective employees and teams. They can share asset files with their colleagues as well as external stakeholders from Digital asset management. Also, distribute the media assets across different sales and marketing channels by maintaining brand consistency.

  • Share
  • Deliver


When media assets are used once, they need to be stored in a structured way so that it will be easy to search and use the files again in the future.

  • Search
  • Find
  • Reuse


Many digital files are created for long-term usage. Such media files can be repurposed and reused. It helps businesses drive maximum value out of the investment they have made in media file creation.


Every digital asset has a lifecycle that comes to an end at a certain point in time. Once the media file is retired, it is removed from the asset management program and archive storage. All the expired assets are compressed and archived in a specific location with limited access.

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How are industries using
Digital Asset Management?


With the digital asset management solution, retail brands can design and deliver outstanding omnichannel eCommerce experiences. Utilize digital asset management as a single source of truth for your product-related media files including photos, videos, audios, documents, etc. digital asset management allows brands to leverage greater consistency across all the online and offline channels.


Manufacturing companies use digital asset management to manage thousands of media assets in a single location, improve brand consistency and online branding, and seamlessly distribute media files across global teams. Integrating digital asset management with product information management ensures product data, assets, & marketing content are accurate and aligned.


eCommerce companies are promoting and selling their millions of products through the eCommerce platform. Digital asset management allows them to manage all the media sites such as product-related photos, videos, documents, etc. It helps buyers to make well-informed purchase decisions and results in reduced product returns and increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and trust.


Distributors are connected with retailers and manufacturers. They need to manage a variety of information related to product media files. Digital asset management enables distributors with a centralized repository of product-related information management. Additionally, they can share accurate and updated assets with retailers, manufacturers, or other third-party businesses.

Wine & Spirit

Wine and spirit businesses have many media files to manage such as product photos, regulation documents, marketing and sales material, and more. The digital asset management solution manages all the assets centrally in an organized and effective way. By managing all the media assets in a single repository, brands can create better online experiences and improve productivity.

Digital Agencies

Digital agencies can manage their advertisement, marketing, design, and creative media files effectively in a single platform that helps achieve better and faster results. Some of the agencies are using digital asset management to optimize their in-house process for asset management, workflow management, and meeting project deadlines.


Universities and colleges have massive amounts of content to manage for their varied target audience, departments, and programs. Digital asset management allows the education institute to store and manage its content digitally. Implementation of the digital asset management solution eliminates the financial loss of misplaced assets and helps different teams to discover the content on their own.

Food & Beverages

Food and beverage companies use digital asset management solution to leverage brand consistency and design more efficient content workflow. Digital asset management provides a searchable and sharable library that is easily accessible by internal and external stakeholders across the globe. Leverage on-demand access to approved and quality assets to meet defined brand standards.

Print & Publishing

Streamline your operations for your printing or publishing business by creating a single hub for all media file management. Printers and publishers are allowed to share the assets with vendors, agencies, and collaborators easily for printing and proofing. Advanced capabilities of digital asset management permit companies to make the required edits in catalogs or any publication pages.


Healthcare companies use digital asset management solution either by promoting their services or by educating the people by maintaining the accuracy of all information they share. To ensure the right content is accessed by the right people, departments, and regions, digital asset management allows for password-protected portal and permission-based access. Healthcare companies manage compliance standards.

Media & Entertainment

Simplify your media and entertainment business workflows by implementing digital asset management. It helps to keep pace with frequently changing industry demands. Media & entertainment companies can perform bulk importing and editing of photos, videos, audios, documents, etc. It allows brands to use accurate and updated assets instantly.

Travel & Tourism

In the travel and tourism industry, many businesses are considered including dining, hospitality, transportation, and more. Digital asset management helps companies control the quality of the media assets and streamline their varied operational workflows. Travel and tourism brands can provide the best quality content and impactful imagery to their target audience faster.


Sports companies have to capture and publish exciting pictures and videos to promote their sports and sports-related products. Using digital asset management for asset management, brands can connect with marketers, players, press, partners, coaches, etc., and drive new revenue opportunities. With a searchable & central repository, media file sharing becomes easier.


Digital asset management is a cost-effective platform for non-profit organizations to store and manage their marketing material in a single location. They can promote their different programs through online and offline marketing collaterals using digital asset management. Empower your teams and volunteers to access all the required marketing material easily and quickly.


The fashion industry has to manage tons of photographs of the models. Digital asset management is the critical platform for your business. The industry keeps evolving with the trends and branding. Digital asset management helps fashion brands to search for exact fashion assets in no time. Digital asset management allows brands to manage all the media files centrally and effectively in an easily accessible way.

Who can use Digital Asset

Organization Team


Graphic designers use digital asset management as a centralized repository to manage all the media files centrally and seamlessly. It becomes easy to find the exact assets. It saves a lot of time and effort for the same media recreation when they won’t be able to find the needed files. Sharing media files with different team members becomes faster.

Sales Team

In the digital asset management, brands can manage various sales collaterals, documents, presentations, and other material that sales teams are using while coordinating with the client. It helps the sales team in making communication transparent and clear as well as more interesting and engaging for the prospects. It increases the chances of customer conversion.


The marketing team needs to access the marketing material quality to promote the organization’s products and services. By managing all the marketing-related material in digital asset management, marketers channelize their efforts. By sharing accurate and updated marketing collaterals, brands can leverage significant improvement in revenue.

Packaging team

The packaging team of the company can store and manage the packaging designs and instructions in the digital asset management to ensure the effective, centralized, and secure storage of packaging elements. With digital asset management, it becomes easy to access and make the required edits in the packaging swiftly. Thus, it drives speed and agility in the packaging processes.

Legal Team

The legal team of an organization uses the digital asset management to manage tons of legal documents in a single platform effectively. It reduces the chances of documentation loss and misplacement. Digital asset management allows the legal department of the brand to define the access right so that only limited persons can access the legal information, it ensures the security of your legal documents.

IT Professionals

The IT team of an organization integrates different marketing technologies into a cohesive stack that improves coordination between almost different teams and solution as well as reduced redundancies. By implementing the digital asset management platform, IT teams can have a central hub that can power all the marketing technologies.



Photographers, videographers, audio creators, and other creators use digital asset management to manage their assets effortlessly in a single place to leverage the smooth workflow. By implementing a digital asset management solution, creators can manage media files of all types with quick access. They experience a smooth process for asset approval and sharing workflow with an advanced digital asset management.

Architects & Engineers

Architects and engineers from different streams create and manage designs of interiors, civil plans, instrument models, etc. with 3D visualization on a regular basis. Using a digital asset management, they can manage all their asset files in a structured and organized way. Digital asset management also allows them to share the models with their internal teams and external parties on the fly.

Adverting & Design Professionals

Design and advertising professionals work with different industries and individual clients. Thus, they need to manage a lot of media assets such as photographs, videos, audio, presentations, PDFs, and more. Digital asset management solution allows advertising and design experts to stay organized and keep impressing clients by sharing the updated file quickly.


Digital asset management facilitates the freelancers to create a platform where they can manage their media assets separately. These days, Digital asset management solution are available at affordable prices so a group of freelancers can utilize the platform to manage their creative files. Moreover, Digital asset management provides complete control and peace of mind by managing all the assets.

What are the advanced
capabilities of Digital asset management?

What are the benefits of
Digital Asset?

Unified brand experience

By integrating the Digital asset management solution, companies can manage their assets in an organized and safe way. Distribute assets on the right channels at the right time by creating an integrated brand experience

Increased conversion

Increase customer engagement and conversion by sharing rich media files such as videos, PDFs, audios, presentations, etc. into product pages. Digital asset management improves the look and feel of your product pages.

Better ROI

Improve ROI on your media assets by developing analytics on views, downloads, usage, searches, and engagement. Brands can easily decide what to repurpose, retire, or create in the future.

Reduced time-to-market

Distribute your digital assets across varied output channels seamlessly with Digital asset management. Share your brand message by managing the media assets consistently across every customer touchpoint.

Improved brand consistency

Digital asset management enables businesses with a single platform that allows them to manage brand consistency across different sales, marketing, and eCommerce channels.

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