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Fast-Track Retail Success with Pimcore and the Credencys Retail Accelerator

In the ever-evolving landscape of retail, it becomes difficult for retailers to gain a competitive edge.  Unleash the power of advanced PIM capabilities of Pimcore that empower your data management ecosystem. Experience the excellence of Credencys retail accelerator to pave the path to success for your retail business. 


Watch our webinar, where Credencys and Pimcore have shared valuable insights on how the dynamic combination of Pimcore and our retail accelerator helps retailers achieve remarkable business growth.

What You Will Learn

  • Impact of PIM on Retail 

    Explore the benefits of a PIM system for a retail brand and understand what challenges it can address effectively.  

  • Overview of Pimcore

    A brief introduction of Pimcore platform and its impact on retail operations with insights from successful retail implementations.

  • Introduction to Retail Accelerator

    Learn about Credencys retail accelerator and how it significantly reduces deployment time of a PIM solution. Also, uncover robust features and benefits of the tool.

  • Role-Specific Impact

    Understand how Pimcore and the Retail Accelerator benefit different functional roles within the retail industry.

Speakers Detail

Sagar Sharma
Co-Founder and CTO,
Credencys Solutions Inc.

Philipp Krueger
VP Marketing & Consulting,