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Enable Users with Advanced Visualization and Simulation by Developing Virtual Reality Apps

Increase users’ interest and offer them highly realistic experiences about a subject or object by creating graphics animations and videos. Being an experienced virtual reality development company, we excel in creating immersive experiences for the startups to enterprises that exceed their business objectives.

Credencys offers custom VR development by considering your business specific requirements. We have a team of virtual reality app developers who build VR apps for Android and iOS platforms. Our apps are compatible with Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift devices.

Our Virtual Reality Development Offerings


We understand your concept and business objectives for VR app development. After a thorough analysis of your requirements, we propose the most suitable VR solution with the right development strategy.

UI/UX Design

Leverage our experience of creating virtual reality apps for various industry verticals. We have proven expertise in designing interactive UI with intuitive UX as per the custom requirements of the VR projects.


We have a team of experts to develop VR apps for iOS and Android platforms using the latest VR SDKs. We create visually rich content with immersive and sleek animations.


We apply different manual and automated testings to check the performance of VR apps before deploying it on the live server and making it available for public use.

Our VR development services also cover enhancement, integration, upgrade, and support & maintenance. Work with our skilled VR developers to bring your ideas to life.

Our Proven Experience in Virtual Reality Development


Allow buyers to take a virtual test-drive of vehicles from the comfort of their living room by developing intriguing VR solutions. Automobile virtual reality apps allow buyers to view the interior, exterior, and machinery of the vehicle via 360° videos and help them to make the right purchase decision. VR apps track user’s eye and neck motions and run the video angle accordingly.


Builders can take buyers on a virtual tour of the would-be commercial or residential premises before the construction begins. The VR app allows customers to make well-informed decisions by providing a three-dimensional walk-through of the location, space, construction area, and exterior of the property. Buyers can have this experience without even visiting the construction site.

Water Treatment

Water treatment products manufacturers can empower their marketing efforts by creating immersive and interactive 360° video of their complex water purifying process. Users can listen and understand how water purifying products combine mechanical, biological, and chemical methods to process water. Thus, it becomes easy for viewers to consume information with Virtual Reality apps.

Our Featured Work

VR app development for a leading car manufacturing company

Credencys developed a Virtual Reality application that is used by the car manufacturer during the launch of their brand new car. The client wanted to deliver an experience of virtual drive to the visitors.

We incorporated advanced features in the app to provide an amazing virtual test drive experience to the users sitting in their homes.

  • User can view 360° video of the car
  • Integration of gyroscope

A VR mobile app for automobile industry

We developed a Virtual Reality (VR) based interactive mobile app for the leading automobile company. The app allows customers to view 360° videos of the car engine and take a virtual drive using a VR headset. Our Virtual Reality developers have created the app for iOS and Android platforms.

  • The app is compatible with DOMO NHANCE VR7 Virtual Reality 3D headset
  • VR Drive 360 feature contains separate videos of car exterior, interior, & drone view
  • VR Engine 360 feature provides an overview video of the car engine
  • Integration of Gaze controllers to track eye and neck motions of the viewers and accordingly play the videos

Ovivo - A VR App for Product Demonstration

Credencys developed a Virtual Reality app for a global water treatment solution provider. They wanted to display how does the water treatment equipment process the water, during an expo. We built a Google cardboard application that provides attendees a 360° view of Ovivo’s equipment and water treatment processes in a virtual environment.

  • The VR app delivers an immersive experience for the attendees
  • Users can view, listen and understand how the products combine mechanical, biological, and chemical methods to process water
  • Water treatment mechanism is elucidated through 360° 3D animation

Why Choose Credencys for VR Development?

360° VR Apps

Enable users with a virtual walk-through of your offerings and subject by creating 360° videos and adding mesmerizing audio effects in the clip.

Interactive Content

Deliver great experiences to users by allowing them to interact with digital content within a virtual world and understand your offerings or subject efficiently.

Immersive Experience

Create 3D content with rich graphics and animations to represent your subject in an engaging way. Enable users with the lifelike experiences that they feel in real-world.

Virtual Reality Development Tech Stack

  • Google VR

    Oculus VR

Bring your Product to Life with Immersion and Interactivity by Hiring our VR Developers

Develop VR apps within your budgets to create and deliver amazing experiences to the customers with the help of our skilled VR developers. Enable users with a completely new perspective to look at your offerings.

Fixed Cost

It is the right choice for the projects that have specific development requirements and scopes.

Time & Material

The engagement model allows to pay only for the resources and time you use for the project.

Offshore Development Center

We set up an offshore development center and IT infrastructure for the ongoing project.

Clients who believed in us!

How Virtual Reality Apps Can Benefit Your Business?

Overwhelming User Response

Interaction with the 3D digital content makes users more involved with your offerings and encourage them to make purchase decisions.

Unprecedented Clarity

Communicate your offerings with great clarity to the target audience. Fully immersive content helps customers to understand your objective quickly.

Empowered Marketing

Beat your competitors by promoting your offerings through 3D content. Along with information, deliver experiences to users where they can interact.

Extended Reach

Virtual Reality apps help your sales team attract a precise target audience, meet deadlines, interact with more potential buyers, and achieve more conversions.

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