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Property Buying Made Interactive

Walk your Customers through their Dream House

Rely on augmented reality to boost your next real-estate marketing campaign. The technology combines digital information with real world to offer your customers an enhanced experience of properties. Let your customers watch your brochure turn into a 3D building and explore lobbies, floor plans and much more in an interactive way. Specific Augmented Reality Real Estate apps can be built revolving around architecture, buildings, housing renewal and refurbishment too!

Engage your Customers to the next level with help of Augmented Reality

Let Customers Discover your Properties in a new way

Build an Augmented Reality Real Estate App that allow buyers to view available homes, apartments, condos, offices etc. sale or rent (on screen) as soon as they point their smartphone towards a street, building or city block. All they have to do is just click and start exploring properties, view interior photos, email listing brokers, know about exact square footage, find out price, get directions using Google Maps and a lot more.

Add a new Dimension to your Marketing Collaterals

Make your real-estate print ads (newspapers/magazines), brochures more interactive with AR apps. These allow users to view superimposed digital information in the form of 3D models, video, web links, games etc. as soon as they point a smartphone’s camera towards the ad. Uncover new ways to engage your prospects & showcase properties under construction in real-time.

Make Effective Sales Pitches & Presentations

As a Real Estate Agent, you often face difficulty in making presentations and pitches to prospective clients. With augmented reality, allow your real estate app to do the talking on your behalf! Buyers can look at properties right in front of them regardless of the size and location. Augmented Reality is a great way to immerse your prospects with properties.

Showcase Interiors of a Building

The magic of AR allows taking your customers on a virtual journey through the interiors of a property which was impossible till now. The technical specifications written on a brochure might look a bit boring, but when seen through a camera’s lens, it can turn into a floor plan to give customers an exact view of how their future house will look like.

Give a Panoramic View of your Properties

Get Real Estate Augmented Reality Apps with features that allow prospects to see properties from all angles using hand-held devices anywhere, anytime! The apps are connected with weather database for simulating shade and sun. Buyers can be taken on a virtual journey to let them experience how it feels to live in their dream house. What’s more, prospects can also place furniture virtually to get a real experience.