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Simplify the product classification with PIM data models

Designing product data models is a complex task for the brands as they need to collect and manage a lot of information related to products to enable the customers with an exact view of the product. However, it is essential to help shoppers make the right buying decision. 

Credencys has successfully deployed product information management solutions along with the adaptable PIM data models. We have worked with different types of products and created varied product master data models. Due to the executive experience creating product data modeling, we establish a relationship of the product with different aspects such as product category, family, SKUs (Stock Keeping Units), and more. 

Establishing relationships with the different product attributes, we connect the relevant product data that are easily accessible for the enterprises. To create a powerful product information management data model, our PIM developers utilize Pimcore’s product information management framework. 

Harnessing the potential of Pimcore’s PIM, we create avant-garde yet flexible product data models. We create accurate product information management data models by integrating different systems to construct accurate relations amongst product data.

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    Product information management data modeling expertise of Credencys

    Credencys has a team of Pimcore certified PIM experts who have successfully created and deployed an array of product data models that streamline and automate the process of creating relations between product attributes, objects, SKUs, and other product data.

    Visual data modeling

    To design PIM data models, we utilize a web-based and intuitive data molding tool. Our PIM developers create product master data models that are easy to configure with a graphical user interface. We allow brands to create product data models on their own with zero coding skills.

    Credencys integrates 40+ high-performance data input components that easily handle thousands of attributes of each product. Leveraging the product data modeling capabilities of Pimcore, we build excellent operational and analytical PIM and MDM solutions.

    Multi-domain support

    We build PIM data models that support multi-domain data. We integrate product data with customer data to help clients achieve extraordinary outputs. The product data models are flexible so when the brands want to extend it for creating entirely new product entities or existing attributes, they can easily extend it.

    Our PIM experts build PIM solutions with advanced product information management data models that automatically store all the data in relational SQL databases and deliver a magical experience for enterprise data management.

    Powerful data model

    Integrating the product information management data models, we create a data management powerhouse for the organizations that allow building relation between any number of product data and managing them effectively.

    Creating and implementing out-of-the-box product data models, we facilitate brands to design scalable and flexible product data models. Most importantly, the product master data models developed by Credencys can easily be imported or exported anytime for data sharing and data reuse.

    Multi-lingual data management

    We excel in creating product information management data models that allow brands to perform data translation and editing work in any number of languages. We have deployed powerful PIM solutions that store and manage the data in almost 100+ different languages. We integrate product data models that allow for faster data editing and intuitive translation interfaces to simplify the product data management tasks for global sales and marketing teams.

    Intelligent data relations

    Credencys establish intelligent data relations amongst different data sets. Leverage flexibility to connect your product data with any media file, relevant product category or family, etc. Make required changes and edits in the product data in real-time.

    We develop powerful build blocks with the right mixture of object relations, advanced concepts for field collections, and object bricks. We ensure deploying the scalable flexible PIM data models throughout the entire product lifecycle.

    Classification standards

    While developing product data models, our PIM experts consider integrating features like handling media fields, text, data relationships, static attributes, and more. Implementing a classification store, we enable brands with an enhanced classification system and allow the companies to add value/key data attributes to your data.

    We help organizations to create structure assignments for product data based on industry-specific classification systems with enterprise-grade PIM.

    Hierarchy management

    We build product data models that support dynamic multi-level hierarchies. We help brands to create and manage product data under a specific and relevant product group. Brands are allowed to define all the SKUs/items having common characteristics through parent-child taxonomy. We have proven expertise in creating multiple hierarchy trees with zero data duplication. It improves product time to market and streamlines editorial processes.

    Product variant support

    Implementing the right PIM data modeling we support companies to manage millions of product data in a centralized repository effectively. If each of your products has hundreds of variants, we create product data models to simplify product information management for you. To enable you with a clear view of your product variant data, we offer product paging, hiding of columns, filtering, visualizing the inherited values, and more. It makes marketers’ life way easier.

    Digital Asset Management

    Under product information management, we not only manage product-related text and attributes. We also manage millions of unstructured data such as product videos, documents, images, and more. This data needs to be connected with the products and classified too.

    We build a DAM that allows you to auto-convert raw photo and video files for your product catalogs, webshops, and online marketplaces. Thus, we ensure the integration of a full-featured DAM system for you.

    Product information management data models created by Credencys

    Conceptual PIM data models

    Credencys creates conceptual PIM master data models where product data layout and rules of data relationships are set. The predefined rules are applied over the categories or entity classes of product data that companies want to consider. We allow companies to consider other regulations to limit layout options. It is the most abstract and simple product data model and we usually create this model while defining the product.

    Logical PIM data models

    In the conceptual data model, we define the product range with some basic data. We expand the concept data model in a logical product data model by adding the relational factors. There are some basic annotations related to product data attributes or overall properties. This model is useful to manage product information related to the warehouse.

    Physical PIM data models

    The next stage after the physical data model creation is entering the product data as per the defined product information management data models. Creating physical data models, we allow users to manage product information with specific properties and rules. We allow you to insert each essential product detail and establish relationships to create a schema in order to create a blueprint with all the needed product information.

    Hierarchical PIM data model

    Credencys excels in creating hierarchical data models. It looks like a family tree. Businesses can manage product data entities in the “parents” or ”children” sequence and branch off from other data that share a relationship with product data. By storing the product data through hierarchical data models, we describe many real-world relationships.

    Relational PIM data models

    The relational data model is quite similar to the hierarchical data model. The basic difference between these two models is instead of the parent-child relationship, the relational data model focuses on mapping out the connections among various tables of data. Implementing the relational product data models, we establish different types of relationships between the product data including one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many.

    Entity-Relationship PIM data model

    Under the entity-relationship data model, we showcase product data entities and design a diagram to present how they are connected to each other. We often use this data model with relational data models for a better understanding of how your data should connect in a database. It captures the relationships between real-world product entities and is often used for creating a database conceptually.

    Object-oriented PIM data model

    Creating the object-oriented data model, we simplify the complicated real-world data by grouping entities into class hierarchies. We utilize object-oriented data modeling at the early stages of product data management. Credencys has proven expertise in implementing object-oriented product data models for multimedia databases to incorporate multimedia files and hypertext databases to link any object to any other object.

    Object-relational product data modeling

    It is a hybrid product information management data model that combines the advanced functionality of object-oriented data models with the simplicity of the relational product data modeling. Utilizing the object-relational PIM data model, our PIM experts integrate objects into familiar table structures. Under this model, we use the extensions of interfaces and languages.

    Network product data model

    We create network data models on the basis of a hierarchical data model using many-to-many relationships between linked records and implying multiple parents records. Credencys builds product data models that are constructed with sets of related records. Each set consists of a parent record or one or more child records. The model allows for the creation of a record of a parent or child in multiple sets to represent the complex relationships in a simple way.

    Along with the above-listed product master data models, Credencys holds expertise in creating a wide variety of product data models such as inverted file model, flat model, multidimensional model, semi-structured model, context model, associative model, graph database model, multi-value model, and document data model. We enable you with the right set of product data models by considering your specific product information needs.


    We build product information management (PIM) data modeling solutions for

    Services offered by Credencys for product information management data modeling

    Leverage our hands-on experience in creating the different types of product information management data models as per the specific requirements of various businesses and their product information. We have a team of Pimcore certified PIM developers who help brands to streamline their complex product information management process by integrating the advanced product data models. Manage your product data accurately with a great level of relevance using end-to-end PIM data model services.


    Credencys offers consultation for creating the right product information management data modeling and integrating it in the product information management platform. To create the product data models, we need to understand the products and related attributes, SKUs, and many other details and define the required number of data models.

    Discovery workshop

    After defining the required number of product data models, we create blueprints of each model to get better clarity on how each model works and contribute to making the product information management process streamlined and automated. We also define the roadmap for product data model creation and integration in this phase.


    Our PIM experts create the PIM data models that manage product data and establish a seamless relation across the relevant data. When the end-customers search for certain products, they not only get the product information but also get information about all the relevant aspects of the same products like media files, documents, etc.


    Once we are done with creating the product data models, we integrate them in a product information management solution. We make sure all the PIM master data models work seamlessly and in a flow to manage the high-quality product data and generate the right output to provide the customers with relevant and accurate product information for their searched products.


    After the product data model development and integration, we apply manual and automated testing for models. We perform stress and functional testing for the product information management data model. Stress testing reduces product master data model downtime and functional testing improves the performance of the PIM data model.


    Implementation of PIM master data models comes after the development and testing part is done. We deploy the product data models in the PIM solutions or in the client’s preferred digital platform. We make sure the implemented product data models work flawlessly in the expected technical environment.

    Support & maintenance

    Credencys offers on-demand support and maintenance services for all its technical development. Under support services, we provide bug fixing and data model enhancement. We also take care of product data models that operate efficiently in the expected technical environment. When it comes to maintenance services, we make sure the PIM data models work seamlessly on an ongoing basis.

    Industry recognition

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    What we are really proud of is building these great products for world-class brands

    Hi I’m Sagar Sharma.

    Hi I’m Sagar Sharma.

    Get a 30 minutes free consultation to know about the essence of the right product information management data modeling in structured and accurate product data management.

    Why businesses should consider product information management (PIM) data model?

    Improved product data quality

    We create tailored PIM data models and make sure it provides the right relationships amongst different yet relevant product data that eventually improve product data quality.

    Accurate product categorization

    Product master data models allow brands to manage hundreds of products with thousands of attributes in a well-structured way by creating any number of product categories.

    Streamlined processes

    PIM master data models inform users about all the required product data to complete the product information. It streamlines the PIM process by avoiding back and forth.

    Leverage global expansion

    As product data modeling offers multilingual support, you can manage product information in different languages and sell the products across the globe from a single platform.

    Our process to build product information management (PIM) data modeling


    Requirement Gathering & Analysis

    • Understanding your business
    • Comprehending requirements
    • Drafting proposal document


    Wireframes & Design

    • Screenflow strategy
    • Creating wireframes
    • Designing the UI


    Quality Assurance

    • Testing the PIM solution
    • Sharing test report
    • Get final approval from client


    Deployment & Launch

    • Deploying a PIM solution on the client’s server
    • Launching the PIM solution
    • Post-launch support

    Engagement models to build robust product information management data models

    Credencys has a team of Pimcore certified PIM developers who have deployed the PIM solutions with product information management data models. Connect with our experts to share your product information management requirements. We deliver you the best-in-class solution of product data models that allows you to manage your product data efficiently.

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    Fixed cost

    It is the right choice for projects that have specific development requirements and scopes.
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    Time & material

    The engagement model allows you to pay only for the resources and time you use for the project.
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    Offshore development center

    We set up an offshore development center and IT infrastructure for the ongoing project.

    Tools & Technologies

    At Credneycs, we have proven expertise in developing PIM solutions with highly complex product data modeling that ensure brands for effective and accurate product data management. Enabling the modern tech stack, we build highly effective yet advanced PIM data models that simplify product information management.

    Clients who believed in us!

    FAQs: product information management (PIM) data modeling

    Product data models refer to all the data elements related to a product that is defined for each product throughout the product lifecycle. This data could be related to product attributes, performance, relationships, topology, geometry, tolerance, and more.

    According to the definition of Edger Codd the data model is composed of three components: 1) data structure, 2) operations of data structure, and 3) integrity constraint for operations and structure.

    A good data model has four criteria that involve 1) it can be easily consumed, 2) large data changes are scalable, 3) it offers more predictable performance, and 4) it adapts changes in requirements.

    Integrating product data management, we enable your project manager, salespeople, engineers, quality assurance, and buyers with reporting and knowledge management capabilities.

    Data modeling is a process of ordering and defining the product data for use and analysis by certain business processes. The key purpose of data modeling is to generate high-quality, structured, and consistent data for running business solutions and attaining consistent results.


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