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PIM solution

Create rich product experiences that pave the path to success for your business with a Product Information Management (PIM) platform. Improve your go-to-market and create outstanding omnichannel experiences by implementing tailored PIM solutions.


Empower your commerce strategy with PIM solution

A PIM solution works as a single source of truth for all your online and offline product data. Product Information Management platform helps companies manage, optimize, and distribute accurate, updated, and complete product information across different customer touchpoints.

By enabling shoppers with the correct product information, brands can increase customer engagement and conversion immensely by reducing the product return ratio at the same time. Drive operational efficiency of your business operations by streamlining and optimizing product data-related processes.

Centralized product information management facilitates organizations with simplified product data editing and distribution, saves time and money for managing the data in disparate systems, ensures faster product onboarding, enhanced communication across internal departments and external parties, faster product catalog creation, and more.

What is PIM?

Product Information Management (PIM) is a process of managing, enriching, and aggregating all the product information required to market and sell the products through varied distribution channels. A complete understanding of What is PIM? unveils the strategic importance of the product information management platform.

What is a PIM solution?

PIM solution is a digital platform to manage all your critical product data in a single platform effectively. The platform stores, manages, updates, and shares product information automatically and consistently across versatile internal portals and external channels.

Why do you need a PIM solution?

Stellar customer experience

Deliver consistent, complete, and compelling product experience to the customers across sales and marketing channels including marketplaces through resellers or your branded digital platforms.

Boost productivity

Manage your product data in a single platform with a PIM platform that reduces several mundane tasks for your teams and allows them to focus on what really adds value to your business.

Faster product time-to-market

Increase organizational efficiency by implementing product information management solutions. Gain a competitive edge by optimizing the product onboarding process & improving product time-to-market.

Improved product data quality

Product information management solution helps organizations create rich, personalized, and consistent content and optimizes product data for all sales, marketing, and eCommerce channels.

Single source of truth

Manage your product data in a centralized repository and in a well-structured way with the help of a PIM platform. Make your cross-departmental communication more effective, aligned & streamlined.

Excellent omnichannel experiences

Leverage product data syndication of PIM to organize product content for centralized syndication across websites, eCommerce solutions, marketplaces, printed and digital catalogs, and more.

Gain a competitive edge with Credencys product information management solutions

Implement a robust product information management solution that helps you create product stories that drive revenue at every touchpoint. To stay competitive with a PIM, brands must refer to a product information management guide that unveils competitive aspects of the platform.


What type of product information can companies store in PIM Solution?

Basic product details

  • Product name
  • Product title
  • Stock Keeping Units (SKUs)
  • Universal Product Code (UPC)
  • List price
  • Short description
  • International Article Number (EAN)
  • Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASINs), and more.

Digital Assets

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Animations
  • Documents
  • PDFs
  • Labels
  • Logos
  • Infographics, and more.

Product resources

  • User guides
  • Technical documentation
  • Installation instructions
  • Warranties
  • FAQs
  • Care instructions
  • Certificates
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), and more.

Taxonomies and relationships

  • Product variants
  • Related products
  • Categories
  • Facet
  • Up-sells
  • Cross-sells
  • Accessories, and more.

Technical specifications

  • Ingredients
  • Material
  • Weight
  • Packaging
  • Measurement
  • Warranties, and more.

Localized information

  • Translations
  • Culturally relevant images
  • Multilingual copy
  • Local currency, and more.

Marketing content

  • SEO elements
  • Keywords
  • Personas, and more.

Marketing resources

  • SEO data
  • Marketplace templates
  • Sales documents, and more.

Sales information

  • Prices
  • Customer reviews
  • Testimonials, and more.

Channel specific data

  • Mobile description
  • Amazon title
  • Google categories, and more.

Design specifications

  • Designer notes
  • Style sheets
  • Assembly instructions, and more.

Manufacturing & supplier data

  • Certifications
  • Spreadsheets, and more..

How does the PIM solution work?

Data collection

Improve product time-to-market by collecting product data from the different business systems such as ERP, CRM, BI, and more. Get access to your product data feeds quickly. Leverage flexibility to add, manage, and control the varied connectors and product information with just a few clicks.

Data planning

Improve productivity by eliminating mundane product data management tasks and boost sales by sharing consistent product content automatically across different customer touchpoints using PIM. Schedule, optimize & schedule your content as per the specific requirements of each channel.

Data enrichment

Sayonara to manual process for product data enrichment as PIM automates it for you. Enrich your product content, media assets, and build context automatically. PIM platform works as a central hub that ensures effective data collaboration and optimization for internal and external stockholders.

Data syndication

Reach new marketplaces, channels, data pools, & wholesalers easily and quickly. PIM allows for automated optimizing and formatting of product content to meet the specific regulations & standards across the world. Don’t worry about chargebacks and anything like that, just embrace opportunities.

Data publishing

Generate high-quality content & publish it on every intended output channel, including social media, digital platforms, mobile solutions, in-store signage, and more. Streamline the product content update process through automation across all channels to save time and reduce errors.

Data evaluation

Collect data-driven insights from the different touchpoints about your product information performance. Analyze what is working and what is not working for your business. With the help of engagement intelligence, you can have an actionable guide & clear to increase conversion & revenue.

Unleash the power of PIM solutions for your brand

Transform your product data into experiences and tell a consistent product story across all the output channels using an advanced product information management solution for your tailored business needs.


What types of companies should consider PIM solutions?

Who benefits from a PIM solution?


Expand your market share & grow your business by sharing updated product data across different target markets. Reduce product returns, increase conversions & save operational costs by attaining enormous team productivity.

eCommerce manager

Improve product findability across online platforms by optimizing the product content. Leverage the benefits of better user experience, less card abandonment, and higher conversion rates by distributing constantly updated content.

Sales team

A single source of truth makes complete, accurate, and updated product information and sales material available at the fingertips of the sales team all the time.

Marketing team

Create customized content for separate target audiences & syndicate it across multiple channels in targeted campaigns and deliver awesome product experiences.

Product managers

Reduce product time-to-market by streaming the new product onboarding process. Product managers accelerate the product launch that drives sales & revenue.

Content team

The team can control the quality of content & validate the product information such as product description, images, etc. prior to releasing the product to the public.

IT team

Implement cloud-based PIM platforms that can be easily integrated with your existing IT ecosystem. It helps the IT team reduce infrastructure management costs.


Improve customers’ shopping experiences by enabling them with essential product information that helps them make well-informed buying decisions with confidence.

Unlock the value of your product data with product information management solutions

Boost your bottom line by deploying a feature-rich product information management platform that automates most of your data-driven business operations and delivers excellent product and customer experiences.


Core capabilities of Credencys PIM solution

Product data modeling

Manage multi-domain data, including product attributes, characteristics, and relationships by embracing product data modeling. Manage your product SKUs in a structured way by defining the family and categories of the products. Credencys integrates the product data modeling in PIM using an API-driven architecture and establishes a seamless connection between the PIM platform and your existing IT ecosystem.


Product data management

Drive efficiency in your product data management operations by implementing a PIM platform. Gather exclusive business intelligence and optimize your data governance processes with a PIM having a web-based user interface and context-sensitive drag and drop. At Credencys, we build tailored PIM platforms that enable organizations with the right organization, translation, and classification of rich product data.


Product data quality

Get access to clean and trusted product data by leveraging PIM development. We have proven expertise in deploying a PIM that facilities the brands with enterprise-class data quality and data governance. By integrating product data quality in PIM, we help companies drive new revenue opportunities, increase productivity & meet compliance standards. We offer smart data optimization through BI and analytics.


Workflow management

Boost product data accuracy and organizational productivity by creating standardized business processes and editorial workflow with workflow management. We build PIM with open-source workflow management that allows for creating, tracking, and altering the workflow as per your precise business needs. For effective data governance & data stewardship, we deploy PIM that monitors workflows & streamlines the operations.


Digital Asset Management

Leverage centralized management of all product-related media assets such as images, videos, documents, etc. by harnessing the potential of digital asset management. We excel in integrating PIM with fully-featured digital asset management to manage all the media files with consistency and accuracy. Integrate, consolidate, and manage any amount and any type of media assets within the PIM platform.


Omnichannel publishing

Create extraordinary customer experiences by offering them an exciting buying journey with advanced omnichannel publishing capabilities. Deliver the right product content on the right touchpoint through product information management solutions. PIM empowers marketing, sales, and commerce teams by allowing us to share updated, accurate, and complete product information across varied output channels.


Apps & data integration

Every organization uses certain enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM, BI, etc., and third-party applications or software to manage versatile business operations. Credencys integrates PIM with your existing solutions to facilitate effective data import and export. PIM enables your different teams to access updated product information. The app & data integration allows for real-time data search and retrieval.


Product experience portal

Deliver captivating product experiences to customers through a consumer-facing PIM. Share correct product data with your target audience through the product experience portal. The solution works as a content hub for product data and related media assets. Developing the configurable portal for internal & external stakeholders, we help brands search, filter & share the product data across the organization.


Product data syndication

Distribute the correct product information across different sales, marketing, and eCommerce channels by integrating product data syndication with the PIM. It allows for the effective execution of your content distribution strategy for each channel. Credencys excels in developing PIM platforms that allow sharing product data across 2500+ output channels through automated product data syndication.


Marketplace integration

Skyrocket your sales and revenue by promoting and selling your products through leading marketplaces across the globe from a single platform. We implement PIM that helps brands connect with a large customer base, expand their business in every corner of the world, and generate immense revenue by sharing your product data on Alibaba, eBay, Amazon, and other local, global, and niche marketplaces.


Product feed management

Create personalized product feeds as per the preferences of your target audience and optimize your product feeds for all the channels with advanced product feed management. To make the right purchase, buyers interact with your brand from different digital platforms & collect the product information. Customized feeds help organizations gain a competitive edge and establish a powerful brand presence.


Enterprise translation management

Automate the content translation process by deploying a robust product information management solution that contains the capabilities of enterprise translation management. We help organizations to experience greater control, better efficiency with centralized linguistic assets, transparency across the translation supply chain, & improved collaboration. Enjoy a complete elimination of laborious translation tasks.


Microsoft/Adobe integration

Are you managing product pictures and videos on Microsoft or Adobe platforms? Credencys integrates PIM with the Microsoft or Adobe platform for easy and quick access and retrieval of product data and related assets. We facilitate the brands with Microsoft Office integration and Adobe Creative Cloud integration services.


Enterprise print publishing

Automate your print publishing process completely by developing a customized PIM. We develop Product information management solutions with built-in web-to-print functionality. Keep your online and offline sales and marketing material updated by embracing the modern publishing components.


Our PIM solution development approach

Strategy consulting

To deliver the right product information management platform, it is essential to understand the project requirements and challenges. Credencys has a team of certified consultants to provide personalized consultation to each client and propose the best-in-class digital solution. We ensure the solution meets the client’s expectations and their business objectives effectively.

Discovery workshop

We will define the strategy and roadmap for product information management solution development in the discovery workshop. We create a blueprint where we identify the latest tools and technologies that are required to build an avant-garde digital platform. We ensure PIM works in sync with other systems and streamline data & experience management for you.

Solution architecture design

After defining the technologies, we start creating solution architecture where we determine all the technical aspects related to the solution. Experienced PIM developers of Credencys identify tools, technologies, third-party apps & software, servers, and other essential elements of solution development. To deliver high-quality solutions, we apply manual & automated testing.


Once the testing part is over, we start with solution implementation. We have a team of skilled IT professionals to deploy PIM on your preferred server. We ensure the solution works effectively in your desired technical environment. The platform works flawlessly and in sync with other systems of your existing IT ecosystem and provides accurate output.


Under integration services, Credencys integrates product information management solutions with your existing enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM, BI, etc., and third-party applications and software. We make sure all the systems work in sync to generate high-quality data, deliver effective output and produce relevant and updated information for the targeted users.

Support & maintenance

At Credencys, we offer on-demand support & maintenance services to the client. When it comes to support services, we offer feature enhancement and bug fixing. Under maintenance services, we take care of the solution works seamlessly on an ongoing basis. Offering support and maintenance services, we ensure the solution delivers engaging user experiences.

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What we are really proud of is building these great products for world-class brands

Hi I’m Sagar Sharma.

Hi I’m Sagar Sharma.

Get a 30 minute free consultation to discuss your tailored product information management solution requirements and understand how product information management drives consistent growth for your business.

Why Credencys for PIM Solution development?

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Certified PIM experts

Get access to certified PIM consultants and developers who help brands in meeting highly complex product data and experience management challenges effectively and boost the business bottom line.

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Experienced PIM professionals

We have a team of 80+ PIM experts who have successfully deployed 100+ projects for varied organizations belonging to different industries by harnessing the advanced capabilities of the Product Information Management platform.

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Credencys offers three types of engagement models that consist of fixed cost, time & material, and offshore development center. Pick the most suitable one and switch from one model to another as and when needed.

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