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An Introduction to “Product Data Capability & Maturity (PDCM)” Assessment

PDCM assessment is an established tool that determines an organization’s current product data maturity level and helps build the roadmap to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of product data endeavors.

By doing the PDCM assessment, we help businesses analyze the capabilities of their existing processes and systems for product data management, identify the areas for improvement, and help business make strategic decisions to improve their product information management capabilities.

Why Should You Take PDCM Assessment?

PDCM assessment helps companies perceive the strength and inefficiencies in their existing product data management practices, tools, and technologies. The assessment lets businesses understand the current product data maturity with reference to

  • Innovation
  • Adaptation
  • Readiness
  • Roadmap
  • Automation
  • Efficiency
  • Insights
  • Actions
  • ROI

What Information is Required to Take the Assessment?

We will talk about the current tools, technologies, systems, and processes you follow to achieve effective product data management and understand your existing ecosystem for product information management.

We will collect appropriate responses during the assessment that help our PIM consultants to perform accurate analysis, prepare the right PDCM assessment report, and design an effective PIM strategy for your business.

Invite other stakeholders/partners who can provide relevant information for the assessment.

3 Simple Steps of PDCM Assessment Process


In a 60 minutes call of PDCM assessment, we will have a question-answer session to understand & discuss your existing product data management ecosystem.


Based on the collected information during the PDCM assessment, we will prepare a detailed analysis report in two weeks.


During a 60 minutes consultation call, we will explain the PDCM assessment report to you & provide a future roadmap for effective product data management.

Post-assessment - what to expect?

Assessment Report

Credencys processes the assessment data through a proven framework and prepares a report in two weeks. We will help you see your product data performance on a PDCM quadrant.

Free Consultation

During 30 minutes consultative call, our PIM consultant explains the report to you and provides an insight into

  • What has worked for you
  • Where you need to improve

In the call, we will discuss the roadmap and actions that need to be taken to achieve the desired place in the quadrant.

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Management Company

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Are you ready to take the assessment?