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Top 5 Problems that Buyers of Custom Software Face owing to the Lack of a well-defined Software Development Process

01. Unclear Statement of Requirements

"We have seen a lot of software project fail because the project manager was unable to pre-empt and identify the challenges while gathering requirements that the project might face during the development process."

Our Solution

We help you to Discover, Visualize and Validate your idea in a way that optimizes your ROI with the help of ‘Discovery Workshop’. It is the first stage of our Agile development process. It helps both the client and the project manager identify potential roadblocks and challenges that a project might run into at any stage of the development process.

02. Lack of Client Involvement

"One of the primary reasons for a software development project to fail is the lack of client participation in the project. The communication gap between project managers and client results in unclear project guidelines for developers."

Our Solution

We leverage AgileFirst™ Tool to increase collaboration among Project owner, project manager, and developers. It helps clients to receive real-time updates on their project and helps all the stakeholders get a clearer picture of the requirements by receiving faster feedback from the clients if anything is not in place with the project.

03. Lack of Executive Management Support

"Executive Manager’s job is to hear out clients while gathering their business requirements and provide the required support to developers and address their challenges at every stage of the software development lifecycle to finish the project within the defined budget and time."

Our Solution

To ensure your project success, we have certified scrum masters as project managers who follow agile scrum methodology to deliver high-quality digital solutions. They continuously take feedbacks from all the stakeholders of the project to remove blockages and mitigate risks associated with it. After gathering all the requirements scrum masters create bi-weekly sprints where we promise to deliver build in every 2 weeks. They also conduct daily standup meetings to bring every team member of the project on a single page.

04. Poor Product Quality

"We have seen a lot of customers complaining about the poor product quality they received at the end of the development process, and that their acceptance criteria remained unmet. This could happen due to a lack of testing methods."

Our Solution

To ensure quality delivery of your software application, we leverage Automated Testing using DevOps Tools such as Selenium, Appium, Apache JMeter, Kobiton and more. DevOps tools help us remove bottlenecks in your software development, delivering quality results on a continuous and timely basis.

05. Incompetent Staff

"As a software development project progresses the complexity of the project also increases. Incompetency of developers becomes a huge challenge in complex projects. Because of this the software delivery either gets delayed or results into complete shutdown."

Our Solution

We conduct competency building sessions on a daily basis which is followed by weekly and monthly review meetings. These competency building sessions are self-paced where developers come together to learn new technologies and practices in software development. The weekly and monthly review meetings are to brush up the knowledge that they have gained at the end of that week or month. Apart from these our team leader conduct daily operational meetings to identify and resolve potential roadblocks faced by the team members.

Use-Cases were our Methodology was Key to Deliver a Good Software

Samsung - A utility AR solution

Developed an augmented reality-based mobile application for Samsung that offers an immersive shopping experience to the customers across Singapore. The shopping app allows consumers to evaluate how ​​​​​​​the Samsung appliances look like in their selected location.

  • Accurate Motion Tracking
  • Area Learning
  • Depth Perception
  • HD 3D renderings of electronic appliances
  • Integration of Store Locator

An IoT enabled mobile app for the automobile industry

Credencys has developed an IoT enabled mobile app for vehicle users by implementing ​​​​​​​CBLE Communication with GATT Protocol and MapmyIndia. This application connects an IoT device with mobile app to provide real-time updates to riders about their ride navigation and vehicle services. Racers can connect their IoT based bike cluster with the mobile app via Bluetooth to

  • Get turn by turn navigation of their selected routes
  • See the incoming call
  • Receive the low fuel alerts and the nearest petrol pump route
  • See ride statics like total distance, top speed, max torque, max RPM, and more
  • Receive the service reminders on the app based on predefined service time or kilometers

WeightWatcher’s ME App - Social Networking Solution for Fitness Enthusiasts

Credencys offered a user specific mobile application for WW’s “Member Engagement App (ME App)”. This connected platform frequently reminds and motivates members to follow a healthy lifestyle. It also provides leaders with an organized way of planning and commencing meetings.

  • It contains message boards, group chats, voting polls, forums and community posts, etc.
  • Members can also invite and refer their friends from their personal contacts
  • The app provided support to WW’s online store, e-magazine, nearby in-stores, press releases, etc.

How our Agile Development Process can bring Digital Transformation into your Business

Credencys has a well-defined software development process in place for the successful execution and timely completion of the project, in line with the budgets.

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