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What sets us apart as a top master data management solution company?

Create highly accurate master records of products, employees, vendors/suppliers, locations, customers, assets, and other important business data that drive maximum value out of the enterprise data with the help of a master data management platform. Allow your different teams to access and manage the updated data across the organization.

Leverage the product experience of Credencys in developing tailored Master Data Management systems that help the organization’s specific business needs and help attain the ultimate company objectives. We build a master data management platform that automates your varied data-driven processes. We help companies to ingest any type of data, automate the data quality tasks, and make the data instantly available to the other systems that are available in your IT ecosystem.

Master Data Management works as a single version of the truth, helps companies remove data silos, and allows for creating a source of master data that can be used by the entire business. Improve the data consistency and accuracy across all the systems and for all the users.

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    Our master data management expertise

    Deploying an avant-garde master data management system, we build a platform that works as master records of all our business data along with versioning, environment, hierarchy, and structure with attributes, documentation, descriptions, translations, and other related data. We facilitate brands with excellent capabilities MDM platform.

    Master data modeling

    Integrating data modeling, Credencys builds a flexible master data management solution that helps to manage data more effectively. With the help of data models, companies can connect varied data along with its characteristics as well as its relationship with other data. Manage the product SKUs in an organized way by product category and family to make the data accessible easily throughout the entire product life cycle.

    Visual data modeling, multi-domain support, powerful data models, multi-lingual data management, intelligent data relations, classification standards, hierarchy management, product variant support, and built-in DAM are the essential features of master data modeling.

    Master data management

    Streamline your data governance or collect business intelligence with a master data management platform. It facilitates companies with efficient data management. MDM allows for accurate and user-friendly aggregation, organization, translation, and classification of organizational data to meet the changing needs of your business. In MDM, we help brands manage all the essential enterprise information centrally and accurately.

    Data editing, batch editing, user and rights management, data validation, published & versioning, and customized view are the key features of MDM.

    Data quality management

    Deliver clean and trusted product data with enterprise data governance and data quality that scales. By integrating the data quality management system into the Master Data Management platform, companies can drive better revenue opportunities by improving productivity and meeting compliance standards. MDM facilities the brands with the most structured and unified environment for your data.

    Configurable dashboard, data quality and compliance, auditing and versioning, and custom reports are the major features of data quality management.

    Workflow management

    Increase your organizational productivity and accuracy by establishing clearly defined standardized editorial processes and business workflows. With an open-source workflow management system, organizations can create, track and alter all the workflows as per their specific business needs. MDM helps brands monitor processes and workflows for reliable data stewardship and data governance.

    Flexible workflows, customized views, workflow messaging & notifications, workflow designer, and end-user workflows are the most crucial features of a workflow management system.

    Digital asset management

    By integrating fully-featured digital asset management in master data management platform, Credencys helps companies integrate, manage, and relate images, videos, graphics, infographics, audio, documents, and more. Providing the right combination of digital asset management and master data management, we help brands integrate, manage, and consolidate any amount and any type of media assets.

    File management, metadata management, image and video conversion, support for multiple file formats, workflow management, digital asset delivery, asset experience platform, asset sharing, Microsoft & Adobe integration, direct edit, enterprise print publishing, and enterprise metadata are the core features of any advanced DAM solution.

    Omnichannel publishing

    Share the right product information through the right output channels automatically by harnessing the potential of omnichannel functionality. It enables shoppers with accurate product information throughout their entire customer journey. Allow your marketers to share the updated product data across all the sales and marketing channels. Master data become essential assets for product commerce, marketing, and the entire product support and sales cycle.

    Built-in digital commerce, product configurators, built-in DXP and CMS, print publishing, headless DAM, and product experience portal are the key features of MDM omnichannel publishing.

    Apps and data integration

    Leverage easy import and export data between MDM and other external systems with the help of apps and data integration. Integrate your existing IT landscape and tie all your sources together. Allow every team member to have access to updated product data all the time. Credencys uses an open-source technology that is powered by easy-to-use APIs and allows you to retrieve and search all the data in real time.

    The outstanding capabilities of the app and data integration functionality are APIs that can connect to anything, Microsoft Excel integration, easy data import, product data syndication, marketplace integration, and product feed management.

    Experience portal

    Credencys builds a centralized marketing content hub with configurable portals for searching and sharing product data across different departments. Design outstanding customer experience and facilitate your target audience with real-time product data with consumer-facing MDM portals. The highly configurable and flexible portals come with advanced capabilities including product filtering, search analytics, and sharing.

    Experience portals contain the capabilities of sales and marketing content hub, product data search and filtering, product data views, data download, data sharing, data collections, personalized dashboards, reports and analytics, unlimited data pools, configuration magic, etc.

    Product data syndication

    Grab the attention of your target audience across different touchpoints and markets by harnessing the automated syndication of 2500+ sales platforms and marketing channels. Deliver high-performance product experiences across every output channel by taking full control of your product data syndication. Expand your business at a global level and generate better revenue through seamless data synchronization with any marketing, shopping, and more.

    Connection to 2500+ channels, data integration, data standardization, content tailoring, data customization, data optimization, data distribution, etc. is the vital features of master data syndication.

    Marketplace integration

    Expand your digital presence through marketplace integration. Track orders on a centralized dashboard. Scale your business beyond the country, connect with a large customer base, and increase global revenue by establishing a strong presence across the marketplaces you want to target. Distribute your product data on global, local, and niche marketplaces including Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, etc.

    Cross-channel connectivity, multi-channel order synchronization, and data syndication are the core features of marketplace integration.

    Feed management

    Enable buyers with compelling product experiences by creating high-quality feeds. Optimize the feeds as per the tailored preferences of the target audience and optimize the data for all the touchpoints. Enhance the entire customer journey and help them make a purchase decision instantly. Credencys builds and deploys the feed management platform that helps companies stand out from the crowd.

    Complete feed control and data syndication are the most essential features of a feed management system.

    Enterprise translation management

    Leverage complete automation of product information translation processes and eliminate laborious and repetitive manual tasks by implementing an advanced enterprise translation management system. Credencys builds a robust enterprise translation management solution that facilitates the brands with increased collaboration, greater control, and better efficiency with rallied transparency and centralized linguistic assets across the entire translation supply chain.

    Real-time Translation Management System (TMS) integration, zero manual translation, and integration are the key features of enterprise translation management.

    Microsoft/Adobe integration

    Retrieve and access product data and related assets such as videos and pictures directly in your Adobe and Microsoft applications. By integrating any of your preferred applications you can perform all the intended tasks without leaving your favorite applications.

    Credencys excels in offering Adobe Creative Cloud integration and Microsoft Office integration under the Microsoft and Adobe integration.

    Enterprise print publishing

    Experience fully automated print processes for your sales and marketing material and keep the promotional collaterals and sales documentation up-to-date with the integrated award-winning publishing components. Credencys offers a feature-rich print publishing platform that allows for creating print-ready and personalized marketing materials including brochures, technical documentation, price lists, and updated presentations.

    Automated database publishing, InDesign integration, etc. are the most critical features of enterprise print publishing platforms.

    Digital solutions developed by Credencys using master data management

    Product information management

    Integrate master data management with product information management  for effective product information management. Credencys build PIM solutions that harmonize and centralize all your sales, marketing, and technical product information. Leverage seamless management of buyer-side and seller-side product information.

    Customer data platform

    Create and manage master records of all your customer-related data with impressive features for segmentation, marketing automation, customer data management, personalization, and more. Integration of master data management helps you build an advanced customer data platform that seamlessly handles both B2C and B2B customer data.

    Inventory management solution

    Master data allows for managing types of organizational data. Brands can build an inventory management solution with a master data management system and allow external stakeholders such as suppliers, vendors, etc. to access the platform and keep the inventory data updated and share accurate information across the channels.

    Warehouse management

    With a robust warehouse management solution, companies can manage varied information about the warehouse centrally, effectively, and accurately. It allows share correct information and helps you make the right decision. It helps you manage product data storage and distribution by managing all the warehouse data in a single place.

    Leverage the potential of our MDM developers who have successfully developed and delivered a tailored master data management platform to address your precise business needs.

    Industry recognition

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    What we are really proud of is building these great products for world-class brands

    Hi I’m Sagar Sharma.

    Hi I’m Sagar Sharma.

    Get a 30 minutes free consultation to get insights into how master data management implementation improves organizational productivity by streamlining your data-driven processes.

    Why businesses should consider a master data management solution?

    Lower total cost of ownership

    Avoid expense, time, and purchasing varied data mastering products to cover initiatives that cross organizational boundaries and data domains.

    Improved operational efficiency

    Access trusted data & breakdown silos through a master data management solution. Have 360-degree visibility of products, employees, and customers.

    Gain competitive edge

    High-quality master data helps your products and services stand out against your rivalry. It provides you with an edge when it comes to the responsive edge.

    Increased revenue

    With the help of accurate master data management, access the accurate data source & share it with buyers at their preferred channels that drive better revenue.

    Our process to build a master data management solution


    Requirement Gathering & Analysis

    • Understanding your business
    • Comprehending requirements
    • Drafting proposal document


    Wireframes & Design

    • Screenflow strategy
    • Creating wireframes
    • Designing the UI


    Quality Assurance

    • Testing the master data management solution
    • Sharing test report
    • Get final approval from the client


    Deployment & Launch

    • Deploying a master data management platform on the client’s server
    • Launching the master data management system
    • Post-launch support

    Engagement models to build master data management solution

    Credencys has a team of experts who have successfully deployed master data management systems for medium-scale organizations to Fortune 500 companies. Hire master data management developers from Credencys to streamline your varied product-driven processes and leverage consistent success and growth by sharing accurate data with varied internal and external stakeholders of your organization.

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    Fixed cost

    It is the right choice for projects that have specific development requirements and scopes.

    credencys image

    Time & material

    The engagement model allows you to pay only for the resources and time you use for the project.

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    Offshore development center

    We set up an offshore development center and IT infrastructure for the ongoing project.

    Tools & Technologies

    We have proven expertise in developing master data management systems using the latest tools and technologies that help companies keep pace with the frequently changing digital space. Utilizing the modern technology stack, we ensure developing a powerful master data management solution that meets your existing business goals and helps you stay competitive with changing market demands.

    Clients who believed in us!

    FAQs: master data management solution

    Master data management is a digital technology platform that brings business and IT together and works combinedly. It ensures the uniformity, semantic consistency, accuracy, accountability, and stewardship of the organization’s shared master data assets.

    ZERO. Yes, the cost of a master data management development solution is zero as we are using Pimcore, an open-source technology platform. You need to pay for the required customization and implementation that vary from project to project. Book a 30-minute consultation call to find out more about the cost.

    Implementation of master data management depends on the features and functionality that you want to integrate into the solution. If you want to build a system with many highly advanced features then there will be a time-consuming development process. In case you want to build a platform with basic functionality, then the development and delivery of the project are faster.

    The most common types of master data are products, locations, financial structure (such as cost centers, ledgers, etc.), and parties (organizations and individuals and their roles such as supplier, vendor, employees, customers, and more).


    Do you want to discuss the potential of a master data management solution and understand how it optimizes your data-driven processes? Fill out the form and get 30 minutes of free consultation.


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