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Get your Business Discovered by More Customers with the Help of Geo-Location Based AR Apps

Augmented reality GPS apps enable users to explore and learn more about nearby places such as restaurants, cafes, theatres, gardens, museums, etc. by scanning their surroundings using their smartphones. Gather instant consumer attention by providing them promotional offers and discounts as soon as they enter near the proximity of your store. Increase the number of repeat customers by attracting them via augmented reality navigation based games and experiences.

We have helped 100+ clients from multiple industries to increase customer retention by delivering great digital experiences to customers via geo-location based AR apps. Hire augmented reality developer from Credencys to develop robust and stunning augmented reality apps.

Benefits of Location-Based AR App Solutions

Improve Your Business Visibility

Expand your outreach to more customers by helping them to discover your business using Augmented Reality GPS navigation solutions.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Increase customer retention by sending notification carrying loyalty offers and exclusive discounts while they are passing by your store.

Enhance User Experience

Encourage users to visit a specific location by offering them access to highly engaging content using ​​​​​​​geo-location based AR apps.

Sales Booster

Elevate sales by influencing nearby potential customers with improved local advertising using geo-location based AR solutions.

Our Featured Work

IO Blocks - Bring Lego Blocks to Life using Augmented Reality

IO Blocks is an Augmented Reality (AR) Application owned by Guidecraft which specializes in manufacturing of consumer toys and furniture, along with a wide range of toys and furniture for the education market. Credencys developed an AR app that enables users with

  • Better visualization of IO Blocks in a 3D space using their mobile devices
  • Multiple build categories for beginner to advanced
  • 3D visualization with animation

Cisco AR - An AR App for Experiential Marketing

Credencys developed an Augmented Reality based mobile app for marketing Cisco’s equipments. The app was built using Unity for Android and iOS platforms. The app responded to the product poster (tracker image) to showcase the 3D model of the product. It delivered following benefits to Cisco:

  • Guests experienced immersive view of the product.
  • It improves the engagement of guests at the booth.
  • Generated more leads for the marketers.

BrandBags - An AR App to Unlock Hidden Offers by Scanning Printed Bags

Credencys developed an AR app for Restless entertainment marketing group. The app was built with an aim to increase consumer engagement by surprising them with offers and promotions of various products of a certain brands. Key benefits that brands achieved:

  • The app generated more leads than ever.
  • Brand value was improved.
  • Customer retention increased by 30%.

We have helped Clients from These Industries to Adopt Geo-Location Based AR Solutions


Enhance your visibility by allowing local as well as non-local customers to locate your retail store easily via Augmented Reality GPS app. Gain a competitive advantage by attracting them with offers and discounts at the right time.

  • Allow customers to receive all the information about the retail store by a single click on the AR app
  • Grab their attention by offering them exclusive discounts as soon as they come near the store’s perimeter
  • Help your customers to fetch a product quickly by providing in-store navigation with the help of AR markers or arrows


Enthrall viewers by offering them immersive AR content when they reach a precise location or geo-fence. Boost their engagement by making them play Augmented Reality Based games such as Treasure Hunt.

  • Allow players to gather at a specific location and play with each other via a gaming app based on augmented reality navigation.
  • Connect unknown players using their geospatial data by sending them notification as soon as they come near each other.
  • Increase your ticket sales by attracting customers with offers and discounts as they pass through the theatre or multiplex.

Travel & Tourism

Let the customer explore the new city with the help of virtual tour guide using their geospatial data. Allow them to explore new places around them such as museums, beaches, memorials, sanctuaries, national parks, etc. using augmented reality GPS apps

  • Enhance customer accessibility by showing them the places they wish to visit using augmented reality navigation apps.
  • Allow them to explore uncharted territories by showing them the number of visitors visited the place they are about to visit.
  • Provide customers with all the information about the place while they are standing in a queue or enter the proximity of a certain location.

Engagement Models to Hire AR Developer for Geo-Location Based Application

Hire augmented reality developer from Credencys to enhance your customer outreach by developing geo-location based AR apps. Our creative minds will convert your idea into reality based on your requirements.

Fixed Cost

It is the right choice for the projects that have specific development requirements and scopes.

Time & Material

The engagement model allows to pay only for the resources and time you use for the project.

Offshore Development Center

We set up an offshore development center and IT infrastructure for the ongoing project.

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