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Boost your Business Efficiency by Building Custom IoT Solutions with Credencys

Transform your business processes, explore new business opportunities, and create innovative products by building custom IoT Solutions with Credencys. We help you to unlock the full potential of the Internet of Things by providing you the understanding of various business and technical opportunities and overcoming various challenges associated with it. Our clients have seen significant improvement in business value & efficiency and have seen a reduction in maintenance & operational cost by partnering with us to build creative IoT solutions.

We have deployed custom IoT solutions for various applications such as connected homes, connected cars, beacon-based notifications, M2M communication, and more. We have worked with various industries such as automobiles, manufacturing, consumer electronics, Retail, healthcare, etc.

Why do you need Internet of Things or IoT Solutions?

Internet of Things is changing the way we interacted with physical and digital worlds. It is wrapping up more and more things every day into the digital fold. The goal of IoT is to make humans more effective, more efficient, and more productive.

Here’s why you should invest in IoT to bring positive change in your personal life, organization or factory.

Higher Efficiency

IoT sensor networks and analytical monitoring will help you simplify task management and reduce unnecessary expenditures. It’ll also help you reduce human participation by automating and optimizing various processes.

Remote Monitoring

With the help of IoT now, you don’t have to be at your workplace all the time. You can monitor your workers, machinery, home, etc. and be aware of their current situation or condition in real-time from anywhere around the world.

Reduce Risk

IoT will help you reduce the risk of equipment, machinery or household appliance by predicting its maintenance requirements and scheduling its maintenance by informing the necessary personnel automatically.

Business Intelligence

IoT helps organizations to improve decision making by providing them important information and constant feedbacks by effectively evaluating organizational activities and interpreting massive amount of data.

Wider Opportunities

IoT systems produce extensive data, which can be leveraged to explore and create new opportunities by getting better insights about consumer & employee behavior, the flow of operations, product performance, and more.

Employee Productivity

IoT applications help employees to boost their productivity by receiving the necessary information in real-time. They can manage their work processes remotely and respond to any query or requirements quickly and effectively.

Embark Your Digital Journey With Credencys.

Our IoT Services

IoT Consulting

Embark your IoT journey by creating a roadmap, mapping revenue streams, and blueprinting solutions utilizing our IoT consulting services. We will help you to determine your go-to-market strategy by creating an executable plan, identifying all the roadblocks and finding smart and the most efficient ways to mitigate them.

IoT App Development

We help you to seamlessly connect the digital world with physical by developing new connected products or renewing independent products and converting them into smart ones. We provide custom IoT development and re-engineering services to develop end-device apps that support multiple protocols and platforms.

Smart Integration

We enable startups and enterprises with the IoT system integration needs by providing them the best IoT engineers, who have deep knowledge and expertise in this domain. We help you to integrate CRM, ERP, SMS, email gateway, maps, billing engine, and more with your existing or brand new IoT mobile application.

IoT Managed Services & Support

We have rescued 100+ IoT mobile applications by providing them extensive support with our elite support and maintenance services. We provide L1/L2/L3 support for application management and cloud hosting by practicing DevOps and using the latest automation testing tools to deliver rich customer experience.

We help you and your business thrive in the digital economy by providing tailored IoT Solutions

Our Featured Work

An IoT Enabled Mobile App that helps Users Sleep Better

Credencys developed Mobile and SmartWatch applications for the world’s leading sleep experts that allows users to control the mattress temperature to the optimal level and captures sleep patterns to enhance their sleeping experience. We implemented BLE communication with GATT protocol and integrated it with Ayla IoT cloud. Users of the app can:

  • Monitor and control the mattress temperature
  • Configure a custom sleep schedule
  • Track their sleep patterns such as average sleep duration and average sleep temperature
  • Pair other wearable devices such as Fitbit to view its data on the app

An IoT enabled mobile app for the automobile industry

Credencys has developed an IoT enabled mobile app for vehicle users by implementing ​​​​​​​CBLE Communication with GATT Protocol and MapmyIndia. This application connects an IoT device with mobile app to provide real-time updates to riders about their ride navigation and vehicle services. Racers can connect their IoT based bike cluster with the mobile app via Bluetooth to

  • Get turn by turn navigation of their selected routes
  • See the incoming call
  • Receive the low fuel alerts and the nearest petrol pump route
  • See ride statics like total distance, top speed, max torque, max RPM, and more
  • Receive the service reminders on the app based on predefined service time or kilometers

Halo - IoT Enabled Mobile App for Smart Smoke Alarm

Credencys developed an iPhone and an Android app for Halo Smart labs, a ​​​​​​​US based​​​​​​​ smart alarm manufacturing company. The mobile app was built using Xively IoT Platform to establish connection between the alarm and the app that worked proactively to help users keep their homes safe from fire accidents. Using the app the users can:

  • Customize alarm features based on their preferences.
  • Receive threat notification via notification, alarm buzz and RGB lights.
  • Hush the system to avoid unnecessary alerts.
  • Receive notifications directly from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in case of extreme weather and other life threats.

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