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Unifying Your Data: A Single Source of Truth

In today’s retail landscape, catering to the preferences of Gen Z and Millennial shoppers is paramount. Their appetite for convenience, digital experiences, and direct brand engagement is undeniable. The key to thriving in this digital era lies in the ability to harness and manage your product information effectively.

Product Information Management (PIM) solution redefines your approach to product data management. From design sketches to SKU details, PIM solutions:

  • Centralize scattered product information, reducing data fragmentation.
  • Ensure precise and consistent product data across all channels and departments.
  • Streamline operations and save time with a single source of truth for your data.
  • Facilitate better communication among teams and departments.

Struggling with Fashion Product Management Challenges?

Efficiently manage product data, enhance collaboration and create a unified single source of truth. Connect with our certified consultants to understand how PIM can help you unlock the value of your data.

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Business Outcomes & Impact

Simplify the way you manage complex product information with PIM for Fashion.

Retail Accelerator

An Accelerated Approach to Product Information Management for Retail
Designed for rapid time to value, Credencys Retail Accelerator is an easy-to-implement product information management solution – providing you with pre-built data models, stakeholder groups, integration templates, and reference architecture to facilitate an immediate kickstart of your PIM initiatives.

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A Renowned Fashion Brand Partners with Credencys for PIM Transformation

The largest retail and wholesale brand in the Philippines was looking for PIM experts to tackle the product information management for fashion challenges they were facing and to replace their existing PIM with a high-performing PIM platform to manage millions of data effectively.

The client was using an outdated system to manage the massive amount of product information with the large number of SKUs. They were facing the issue of slower performance of the existing PIM platform.

With Credencys’ expertise, we orchestrated a transformative journey and overcame these challenges by replacing the existing system with a PIM solution. Within a span of just six months, the PIM solution seamlessly integrated as the backbone of the client website, enabling a swift and efficient transition. Data from diverse sources was carefully gathered and centrally managed, ensuring reliability through a robust five-server infrastructure before going live.


Reduction in data Dispensaries


Preservation of crucial data during migration


Decrease in data errors, guaranteeing higher precision

The Credencys Advantage

Obsessed with Data

Across industries like Retail & Consumer Goods, we are passionate about unlocking the power of data to empower your business.

Operational Agility

We pride ourselves on being nimble and flexible: from delivering quick wins to seamless integrations that help you stay one step ahead of your competition.

Partnership Approach

Our consultative and partnership approach means we're invested in your success. We're with you every step of the way, shaping our solutions to fit your journey.


Years of expertise


Clients globally


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    Credencys Solutions is a data management solutions provider tailored to the unique needs of retail & consumer goods brands and manufacturing businesses. Widely regarded as a trusted advisor and strategic partner, the company has 15+ years of proven success in implementing cutting-edge PIM & MDM solutions that empower businesses to harness the full power of their data.