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Human Resource Mobile Solutions Restructure your HR and Recruitment Processes

Improve productivity of the employees and streamline HR, recruitment & payroll processes by adopting enterprise mobility solutions for Human Resource.

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Experience Smart Hiring with Digital Recruitment Process

Avoid tedious and time-consuming recruitment process. Manage end-to-end resource recruitment process using recruitment app. Review candidates resume, application letters, schedule interview, check references, and more from a single platform.

  • Conduct talent acquisition process using recruitment app where recruiters review applicants’ resumes, take notes, manage candidate status, & more
  • Improve candidate engagement by enabling them real-time updates about their changing status in the recruitment process
  • Streamlined recruitment flow helps HR department and interviewers to identify qualified candidates for the right positions in less time
  • Reduce the staff of HR department by leveraging online recruitment flow using recruitment app
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Optimize Core HR Activities with HR Mobile Apps

Empower your HR department and workforce by allowing them to manage different HR activities using smart devices. Enable them with the advanced flexibility to access their required data and take the needed actions anytime anywhere.

  • Simplified multi-layered approval process for HR, employees, and approvers where everyone can see the approval or rejection of the respective request
  • Enhance team collaboration amongst the employees and managers where they can discuss the things on the go and make better decisions
  • Establish a powerful connection between organizations and staff by enabling them with all the changed and updated data in real-time
  • A single platform where HR can manage all employee data throughout the entire employee lifecycle
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Payroll Practices Becomes Painless with HR Mobile Apps

Improve accuracy of your payroll process using mobile payroll apps. Automated payroll practices help in avoiding the situations of loss of pay for the company, employee discontent, and compliance issues.

  • Allow employees to check their pay stub/payslip on the go
  • Prevent errors in the payable amount of employees by integrating HR and accounting solutions
  • Increase efficiency of the HR department by allowing them to perform payroll related tasks using mobile payroll apps
  • Correctly calculate total working days, salary amount, and statutory obligations like P.F., ESI, P.T., TDS, & other deductions of each employee
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Improve operational proficiency of the HR department and enhance workforce engagement using human resource mobile solutions. Embrace the below benefits with HR mobile solutions

Accurate Time Tracking

Monitor the exact in time & out time entries of each employee

Better Scheduling

Multiple shift planning, allocation, & management

Enhanced Collaboration

Quick access to employee data improves internal interaction

Efficient Decision Making

Access to updated data helps in making more productive HR decisions

Expedite HR Process

Streamlined HR, Recruitment, & Payroll activities accelerate HR operations

Simplified Employee Lookup

Smooth and instant employee information update

Auto Generated Reports

Get reports on employees’ time, attendance, leave, etc

Effortless Expense Management

Generate and submit expense reports & get reimbursements

Digital Workplace

Access to critical data help in attracting, engaging, and retaining the qualified talents

Build Next-gen Human Resource Mobile Solutions with Credencys

  • All the enterprise mobility solutions development services start from app design to maintenance under one roof
  • Get access to 200+ professionals that involves subject matter experts of the HR domain
  • Transparent project management practices using latest Agile & Scrum methodologies
  • High-quality HR mobile solutions development by applying the rigorous quality analysis techniques
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