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Why should you Invest in a Discovery Workshop before Heading Straight to Development?

Discovery Workshop helps you to avoid project failures and guarantees project success. Below are the top 4 reasons, why does a software development project fail?

Cost Overruns

Among all the software development projects that fail, a third of them have faced cost overruns of 150 to 200% depending on their project size.

Time Overruns

Almost 40% of the projects face time overruns of 200 to 300%. The average time overrun for any software development project is 222% of the original estimated time.


Restart of a project is one of the major reasons for time and cost overruns. Around 94% of the projects face one or more restarts in the software development life-cycle.

Feature Deficiencies

More than 25% of the projects lack 75 to 50% of the originally-specified features and functions. On average, every project made has 61% of originally-specified features.

According to The Standish Group’s Chaos report, more than 80% of the software development projects fail at some point during its development life cycle because of giving less importance to Discovery Workshop.

In our 10+ years of experience, we have identified that Discovery Workshop has been the key differentiator in delivering 500+ successful projects to 200+ clients worldwide.

How can you Start?

Credencys offers Discovery Workshop for Startups and Enterprises to convert their application idea into a working prototype. This workshop’s primary agenda is to elevate your idea and create a strategy to put that into execution. The workshop will help you get a clear picture of the best-fit technology approach and the right application characteristics against your business requirements.

After Completing the Workshop you will Alleviate…

  • The likelihood of project failures
  • The idea-to-execution gap
  • Feasibility issues associated with the project
  • Requirements prioritization problems
  • Issues related to integration with other applications
  • Insufficient returns or business benefits from your solution

In this Workshop, We will Help you to…


  • Discover various opportunities by understanding and analyzing your ideas and requirements.
  • Prioritize solutions by mapping related opportunities and outcomes for business value.
  • Provide various solution scenarios based on your use cases, requirements and specifications.
  • Evaluate your current system to assess the need for upgrades or maintenance to accommodate the new implementation.


  • Determine a user path and build UI/UX specification through interaction diagrams and screen flows for a mobile application or web application.
  • Draw wireframes, design screenshots & build a clickable prototype of the mobile application.
  • Define prioritized requirements for building agile MVP recommendations on the full product.
  • Develop an implementation, delivery & support strategy, and an overall roadmap for your solutions.


  • Mitigate risks by checking the viability of the solution before delivering it to your target audience.
  • To ensure project success we will rigorously gather data, develop the technical requirements and solution architectures.
  • Develop alternate approaches for project success in case of technical or business constraints during project execution or post delivery during runtime.
  • Inform you about any requirements for middleware components or integration, to ensure connectivity and/or compatibility across disparate systems.
  • Conduct a detailed audit and review the code of any existing solutions that need to be enhanced/altered. Additionally, we conduct a comprehensive security analysis and provide recommendations.


  • Determine the budget estimate of the project by analyzing the scope, application features and needs diligently, including aspects such as time to build, resource allocation needs, project and solution goals and deliverables.
  • We will help you identify the ROI of the project based on market research. Our team will help you bring clarity to all stakeholders and decision-
  • makers regarding the business value associated with the project through relevant use cases and scenarios.

Key Deliverables from Credencys’s Delivery Workshop

Use-Cases where Discovery Workshop was Key to Deliver a Good Software

3000% increase in operational efficiency for a leading laundry service provider in USA

Credencys developed a React mobile app that simplified key processes and workflows for the client. The solution allows coin collectors to record machine count data in the phone rather than recording it on paper slips allowing branch managers to perform reconciliation in just 2 days, instead of 60-120 days.

  • Update numeric data on-the-go
  • Digitized Audit Scheduling
  • Easy Count tracking with location-based QR Codes
  • Real-time Data Upload
  • Offline Data Management

An IoT enabled mobile app for the automobile industry

Credencys has developed an IoT enabled mobile app for vehicle users by implementing ​​​​​​​CBLE Communication with GATT Protocol and MapmyIndia. This application connects an IoT device with mobile app to provide real-time updates to riders about their ride navigation and vehicle services. Racers can connect their IoT based bike cluster with the mobile app via Bluetooth to

  • Get turn by turn navigation of their selected routes
  • See the incoming call
  • Receive the low fuel alerts and the nearest petrol pump route
  • See ride statics like total distance, top speed, max torque, max RPM, and more
  • Receive the service reminders on the app based on predefined service time or kilometers

Docket and workflow management system

Credencys developed a React mobile app that simplified key processes and workflows for the client. The solution allows coin collectors to record machine count data in the phone rather than recording it on paper slips allowing branch managers to perform reconciliation in just 2 days, instead of 60-120 days.

  • Personalized Dashboard
  • Docket Management
  • Matter Research Center
  • Effective Report Management
  • Litigation Management
  • QA Center
  • Time Account Management
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