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By: Manish Shewaramani

The Secret Science of App Launch To Make Your Mobile Application Go Viral

Usually, clients complain about not getting expected responses from users though they have an excellent mobile app. Undoubtedly, you own a brilliant mobility product that contains robust features and runs seamlessly across various app stores. But, the crux is how to reach out the target audience and pitch the solution when you have competitors in millions.

“As of March 2017. Android users were able to choose between 2.8 million apps. Apple’s App Store remained the second-largest app store with 2.2 million available apps.”

chartIt seems like a nightmare to get prime visibility by beating such a huge number of competitors. To get users attention, your mobile application has to be in limelight. That’s where almost all the developers either get stuck or fail!.
The real game starts once you launch the mobile app on different platforms. It takes almost 72 hours to get approved. The app store algorithms notice and analyze the mobile solution in order to optimize its ranking. Here we have listed a few smart and strong marketing strategies for quick and effective app launch.

Best App Launch Practices to Win Top Position on the Application Stores

1. Launch Time

It is suggestive, not to launch the app on weekends or Friday or Monday. Weekends are obviously a relaxation time for the people. On the other hand, Monday is the opening day and Friday is the closing day of a week when people mainly focus on accomplishing their high priority tasks. So, if you launch the app during these days, you won’t receive a good response.
Launch the app on Tuesday. By the weekend, it gains a good rank in its respective category. During the weekend, if people will have spare time, they will spend it on exploring and trying your new mobile applications.

2. Cover All Application Stores

Do you really think that launching an app on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store is enough? To increase the app downloads, cover all the other popular stores like Windows, Blackberry, Opera, Amazon, and more. It helps you in achieving a competitive edge.
Enable users with something extra. Of course, allowing them to download the app for free doesn’t help you in winning a large user base. There are a few application stores that help in improving the app downloads by launching smart schemes. For example; Amazon allows users to download the app for free for one day. People will definitely like to try a paid app for free for a single day. Thus, organizations can gain increased app downloads.

3. Social Media

Create a buzz about your mobile app by promoting it on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. It helps in attaining more eyeballs, early reviews, and extra downloads. By retweeting appropriate posts with a specific hashtag and responding people with simple “Thanks”, you can boost up your social media presence and also optimize your app ranking.

4. Cross Promotion

In order to create hype of the mobile app, this can be one of the best tactics. Start cross-promotion from a network of applications or you can buy the users through PPI (Pay Per Install) program. It helps in driving tremendous traffic by grabbing users’ attention. Several cross-promotion tools are available in the market such as Admob, Chartboost, Tapjoy, Fiksu, etc. that aids in optimizing the visibility of your app.

5. App Reviews

Submit the app on leading app review sites such as Techcrunch, IGN Wireless, Mashable, 148apps, and more. Applying this strategy, organizations can drive the users’ attention and improve the number of installs. Well, when it comes to app review websites, there are numerous websites available online. However, pick up the one that holds Alexa rank more than 50k. With this technique, your mobile solution will gain tremendous popularity across the market.

6. Press Releases

If the budget permits, then you can endorse your mobile app in a form of press release on various news platforms such as eRelsease, PR Web, NewsWire, and many others. By publishing your app on these premium platforms, you can get the attention of thousands of industry influencers.

7. Video

Instead of content, try to promote your mobile application through a video because pictorial presentation is always more effective than textual. Launch a video of your app with a sizzling background. Explain all the features in 1-2 mins long video and share it on Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo.

Real-world Examples

Everybody is aware of Angry Bird, one of the most renowned gaming application. The overnight success of the app is due to the immense marketing efforts. The game is developed by Rovio Entertainment. Previously, the company launched 52 games and all faced a great failure. By reforming their marketing strategy, Rovio earned the iconic success.

The company promoted the app on social media website, online marketing, press releases, media rich advertising, etc. that helped them in achieving the prime position in the top 25 charts. Today, the app is ruling the world of games.


Design a powerful marketing strategy for your mobile app launch because it will decide the success or failure of your application. Implementing the above tactics smartly, your mobility product can gain one of the top 25 slots on the various application stores.

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