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By: Manish Shewaramani

PIM Workflow Helps Create an Effective Product and Inspires Collaboration and Efficiency

Everyone in the competitive business sector is willing to focus on how to develop their business in every possible way. They research the main attractions of the product workflow and make a good decision regarding how to efficiently use the product information management workflow.

As a beginner to the PIM workflow, you can explore the guidelines for creating an effective product and ensure how to reap benefits from complete collaboration and efficiency.

What is the product workflow?

A product workflow is a sequence of the complete tasks processing a set of data. These paths describe how a product goes from being undone to done. Anytime data is passed between humans and systems and the workflow is subsequently created.

The first-class product information management workflow that is the PIM workflow assists a lot in creating an effective product. It inspires collaboration and also efficiency. You can explore the fundamentals and modern aspects of the PIM workflow right now. You will decide on and use it as per requirements regarding product information management.

To explore the product information management workflow with all the essential aspects, you must read A Brief About PIM Workflow Management.

Why PIM Workflow Is Considered Important?

Any company can use any type of workflow automation tool that fits the requirements associated with team-based projects. A good workflow integrated with an effective PIM transforms the entire work performance.

Here are the reasons that make a well-organized workflow important for all businesses.

1. Workflow promotes the collaboration

Privilege is the ability to work from anywhere. The main benefit of using the product information management workflow is that such privilege becomes feasible. The total number of remote workers recruited under a company has increased by 173% since 2005 as per the Global Workplace Analytics. Workflow propels both trust and performance. It is not limited by the industry.

Selling anything needs effort on the part of several departments. Each department needs a close-knit group to complete a project as efficiently as possible. Employees of the company can do their allotted tasks themselves devoid of using a workflow. However, it takes time before they get feedback from their manager or team.

Collaboration is very important to ensure that all such tasks are smoothly completed and in line with the business’s vision. A team of copywriters can effectively collaborate on the PIM workflow.

They have absolute access to the same product information and communicate what their brand message will be. Each department has several responsibilities. Everyone is under a similar set of goals. You can research the teamwork and cooperation needed to sell and market your products.

2. Share content between members of external and internal teams

Data comes from different sources when it comes to product information. There is a back and forth between manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers before finalizing a set of product data including the weight, color, units, material, and specification sheets.

Product information management with workflow lets you regulate access to outside users. You can easily communicate devoid of risking data leaks.

Any manufacturer and supplier you work with can have access to the product information. PIM lets the administrator select what aspects any new user can view and edit. It is the main part of the role-based access system.

3. Workflow eliminates inaccuracies

Inaccurate information is a problematic thing in any e-commerce business. The lack of accurate information is the main contributor to the maximum returns. A good PIM tool is used for smoothing over errors.

Experts in the PIM software use the centralization of product truth to describe it. You must know how the PIM workflow maintains data integrity.

The workflow triggers an alert when some tasks remain unfinished or data is missing. If any digital asset uploaded remains unlinked from its products, PIM recognizes this discrepancy. The built-in proofing is vital while creating product pages offering valuable information to prospective customers.

4. Workflow boosts productivity

Steve Jobs believes that the best things in businesses are never done by one and only person. They are completed by a team of individuals. Delays may happen even when all team members are on track there to work.

Once the person has completed a project, the manager needs time to asset it and make the project authorized. This person has to wait for the next task during such a delay. This approach is inefficient for the overall process.

Workflow directs immediate communication. The workflow of the PIM solves this issue with its task management tools. This system brings to attention the main tasks. You can seek advice from specialists in the PIM system and decide to create a good product workflow.  Product Information Management: How PIM’s Workflow Management Boost Productivity? explains how PIM workflow contributes to improving your organizational productivity.

Visit Why Should You Consider Implementing Workflow Management Systems for Your Business? to discover lucrative benefits of considering PIM workflow. It helps you justify your decision for implementing a tailored PIM workflow system.

PIM Workflow Components – A Brief

There are four components in the production workflow. These components are product onboarding, post updates, sales medium syndication, and communication. The PIM workflow components involve reliable teams, secure systems, easy-to-follow steps, efficient production processes, and the latest technologies.

1. Product Onboarding

The PIM workflow starts when the engineering or merchandising team buys or designs a new product or updates an existing product.

It needs the creation of a new SKU and the overall entry of basic product information like brand, price, size, colour, and weight. You have to encounter product data like the published status, in-stock status, and estimated ship date.

All such information acts as an important foundation for the rest of the steps in the workflow. It is the main keystone to building complex customer experiences.

2. Product content updates

If a product is onboarded and information is entered into the product information management tool, then the content can be successfully created and updated. This component includes anything from the technical specifications to product descriptions, videos, images, and 360 degrees in spins photography.

Designers, photographers, videographers, copywriters, and other creators use the product information management system to inform their production priorities. Once you have successfully created the product content at scale before, you must know it takes enough time and involves the overall steps to create or find very good content.

Individuals who have created the best product content at scale can understand the time required and complex steps involved in such a process. Users of the DAM and PIM tools can review and prove their content without delay and difficulty. They get high-quality content and use such content to prevent returns as well as negative comments from customers.

Once the content is efficiently completed for an updated or new product, this must trigger a signal that the product is prepared to be syndicated through sales channels especially like the Amazon marketplace, website, and others.

3. Sales channel syndication

The main challenge of selling a product across multiple channels is to get the content needed by the distributors to place the product content on their website. You can make a single product listing satisfying content needs for several channels. This makes it easy for the e-commerce managers to meet their goals while testing as well as optimizing new distribution channels.

4. Communication

Clear signals of communication together with each step of the workflow are very important for all of such things to work. Notifications are very important to signal events like the product being ready for content updates.

These signals trigger the next part of the workflow and automated steps designed to send product information from system to system. You require sync information updates with different data experts sent to eCommerce partners, websites, print publishers, and other channels.

All new and regular users of the user-friendly PIM tool can enrich their product data with marketing copy and also digital assets. They use this tool to give notification to collaborators to take necessary actions.

The most outstanding aspects of the product information management system give remarkable benefits for all users who like to properly manage the product information. They concentrate on different things about the PIM system and decide to use this system as per their requirements.

Creating & Implementing PIM Workflow

It is a suitable time to find how to maximize the competitive edge, your customer service, and your efficiency to move data through a solid workflow. A PIM platform is vital for collecting, handling, and enriching sales and marketing data.

A PIM product workflow does a notable lifting. It is the way a product shift through progression regardless of adding a fresh product and updating existing product information.

Following the suitable practices for the product information management product workflow positions your business to make the highest possible resources and manage products at any stage efficiently and accurately.

A very good product workflow provides a realistic method to keep it organized. It keeps everyone in a team on task. You can map out exactly what requires to be done to bring a given product through its process.

Everyone has to know their roles in writing marketing copy, finding which product information to send to a new channel, identifying all aspects of product-related content that have to be updated, and signing off as a manager.

You have to make sure the overall approvals are in place for the critical aspects of processes. An effective product information management product workflow gives 100% satisfaction to all users.

How Does PIM Workflow Contribute to Modern Business?

There are several benefits for users of an established product information management workflow. You can use world-class resources to establish a product information management workflow. You can maximize the company metrics, especially time-to-site, improve interdepartmental collaboration, and reduce day-to-day stress.

  • Enhance team collaboration by successfully helping teams communicate via the product life cycles from the concept to launch and beyond.
  • Avoid missing product data and make optimistic customer experiences while making the product development teams for creating robust shopping features.
  • Launch products quickly by eliminating manual handoffs, unproductive searches for missing product photos, redundant data entry, and approved copy.
  • Protect the brand by ensuring that accurate specifications and content reach the e-commerce websites. These teams ensure everything in the product information management solution to make certain it is correct.
  • Build a very good digital customer experience with clean and organized product data while making it easy for development teams to make, test, and optimize new e-commerce features for the brand.
  • Enter data once and ingest product data from enterprise resource planning as well as product lifecycle management systems designed to transmit it to the e-commerce syndication platforms, print partners, and publishers.
  • Accelerate approvals by using automated notifications to the product managers, legal representatives, product marketers, and others who have to sign off before the product goes live.

Enhancements in the PIM workflow process play the leading role behind the increased level of interest of project managers and business people to reap benefits from this PIM system.

Establishing a good product information management workflow is very important to get products ready for sale quickly, produce first-class content, trade products on the maximum channels, and it will give great customer experiences.

You have to give product details in one place so you can maximize product accuracy, protect the brand, and accelerate approvals. You can make day-to-day work easy with a clearly defined workflow as well as a central source of truth for the product information.

This is worthwhile to make contact with an expert and explore a free demo to see how the combined DAM as well as PIM platforms. You can seek advice from experts in the processes to streamline the e-commerce operation and gain efficiencies across departments.

You require everyone to be on the same page to get the complete product information. Also, you can upload the right material and input current data. Before implementing PIM workflow you have to ensure that everyone must access the same product information to enhance the communication between employees or users.

This intersection is vital to achieving a quick process. The following details explain to you the most important aspects of a workflow that contributes to its tremendous value in the business world of our time.

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Enhancements in the routine efforts for the product information management workflow give you an array of benefits. Prefer concentrating on the professional guidelines for creating an effective product workflow.

Meanwhile, you can discuss with the PIM specialists to improve your proficiency in the PIM product workflows. Thus, by keeping following these instructions and methods you can create effective & efficient products through the PIM system.

Say goodbye to data chaos and embrace the power of PIM/MDM to supercharge your business growth!