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By: Sagar Sharma

15 (Most Popular) Mobile Payment Apps in 2023

In the world of cashless transactions, where debit cards and credit cards are dominating the online payments, mobile payments apps are on the rise too.

Paying through your mobile phones has become the latest trend. Sending money through smartphones has changed the way we made transactions.

We can now use our phones to make purchases in-store, payback your friends and colleagues, make international transactions, and more. Many mobile payment apps allow you to do that.

15 Best Mobile Payment Apps

#1 PayPal



PayPal has been one of the oldest mobile payment apps ever. It is there almost since the inception of the Internet itself. Ever since the launch of PayPal, many apps have come and go. But, none have been as popular and relevant as PayPal.

Today, using PayPal, you can pay for almost anything in the world. From goods and services to international transactions, PayPal is here for you. It has helped many brick and mortar stores to go online.

#2 Venmo


If you’re a bachelor and living in a shared apartment with your friends, then Venmo is a perfect mobile application for you. If you’re fed up with doing calculations about splitting the expenditure at every month’s end, then Venmo has got you covered.

You can use Venmo to share bills, rent, and other utilities with your roommates. Like other mobile payment apps, you can also send or receive money to your friends and family on a single click.

Venmo can be extremely helpful when you need to split a bill or rent. The only condition is that the other person must also be a Venmo user. Now, you don’t need to scratch your head doing lengthy calculations.

#3 Apple Pay

Apple Pay

Apple Pay app allows you to store your cards, online passes, and coupons. You can use it as a wallet that holds all your Cash (virtual money) and cards.

You can use any of them to make online payments. Moreover, you can also pay to your friends and family through a text message using the Apple Pay service. For security, you can use a PIN, your touch ID, or even FaceID.

#4 Google Pay

Google Pay

Google Pay is one of those mobile payment apps that does not have a wallet facility. It allows you to make bank to bank transfers for free on a single click.

Now, you don’t need to type in the account details to transfer money into someone else’s bank account. All you need to know is that person’s Google Pay ID. Plus, your bank account balance becomes your wallet. So, no need to top up every time to make payment.

#5 Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay

Similar to Apple Pay, Samsung Pay is yet another wallet introduced by a smartphone company. Samsung Pay allows you to add gift cards, debit cards, credit cards, and membership cards to make online, in-person, or in-app payments.

It also offers a tap-to-pay option since it uses MST and NFC to transfer data. The app helps you to make payments faster than ever. You can also earn points by making payments.

#6 Cash


Cash is an app similar to Google Pay. It allows you to send money directly into someone else’s bank account. Cash has one of the easiest user interfaces among all mobile payment apps.

Cash is not only simple to use, but also quite secure. Its proprietary Cashtags protect user privacy. It can also be used to trade Bitcoins.

#7 Zelle


Similar to Google Pay and Cash, Zelle also allows you to send money directly into the payee’s bank accounts. It specializes in person-to-person micropayments.

It has a simple user interface through which you can send or request money from others. You can also use it to split bills with your friends and family.

#8 Xoom


Xoom is part of PayPal. Since PayPal has gone international, Xoom is specially designed to conduct international transactions. The Service works in almost 73 countries now.

Xoom quickly identifies the international transfer fees based on your country or location and lets you transfer funds in seconds. It is a handy app for the people who have their family living in a different country and have to send some fix or variable amount every month.

#9 Mint


Are you a professional who is tired of keeping track of his/her monthly bills? Mint is an application that allows you to keep track of your monthly bills and sends you an alert in case you have dues.

You can also set automatic payments for all your bills. Moreover, you can connect as many bank accounts/cards as you want for automated deduction. It also helps you monitor your credit score.

#10 TransferWise


TransferWise is an app specifically designed and developed to make international transactions super easy. The app allows you to transfer funds to other countries with one of the least transfer fees.

TransferWise is currently active in 66 countries around the globe. To make a transaction, all you need is recipients’ bank account details and your ID proof.

#11 Square


Square is an e-commerce payments services provider. It can quickly turn your smartphone into a small card reader inserted into the headphone jack.

Using Square, you can allow your customers to pay with their cards without actually using their cards. All your customers will require is a Square ID. You can receive payment directly into your merchant account as soon as a customer moves out of your store.

#12 LevelUp


LevelUp is an end-to-end mobile payment solution for e-commerce business owners. It utilizes QR code to receive payments from customers.

You can also offer various loyalty and reward programs to your customers. For example, you can provide a special discount to the customers purchasing for the first time.

#13 Tabbedout


Tabbedout is a platform that is specifically designed for restaurants and bars. The app allows customers to view the billed amount as soon as they order an item.

At the end of the meal, customers can sp the bill amongst them using the app. It also allows you to receive feedback from your customers. You can also send vouchers and discount offers for their future visit using the app.

#14 Gyft


Gyft, as the name suggests, is an app that helps you manage various gift cards received from your friends and family members. It allows users to send and receive gift cards, track the balance, and pay in stores via their smartphones.

#15 Starbucks


You might be wondering how can I consider Starbucks into mobile payment apps. However, in 2018, it boasted more users than Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Samsung Pay.

Starbucks app can be used to order Starbucks products online. One can also connect their debit card or credit card with the app.


Mobile payment apps are revolutionizing monetary transactions throughout the globe. It had made payments easier than ever. Since these apps are making our lives easier, there is a massive opportunity lying with mobile payment apps.

Grab this opportunity and tell us your requirements. We will help you build a state-of-the-art mobile payment app by providing our mobile app development services.

General FAQs for Mobile Payment Apps

1) What are mobile payment apps?

A mobile wallet is a place where you can store money digitally, similar to an actual wallet. You can top up money using your debit card or credit card.

2) Which one is better, Venmo, or Cash?

Venmo is used when you are looking for sharing a particular expenditure with your friends or roommates. If you want to pay bills or transfer funds, then Cash is a better option.

3) Which money transfer app is most secured?

PayPal and Google Pay are the most secure mobile payment apps. Apps like Cash and Apple Pay have their proprietory algorithm, which protects their online payments.

4) What is the best international money transfer app?

Western Union, World Remit, PayPal, Azimo, Venmo, TransferWise, etc. are some of the most popular and reliable international money transfer apps.

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