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By: Sagar Sharma

Fleet Management App Development - 3 Critical Features to Consider for Your Business

Uber, with its arrival, disrupted the taxi industry. But, when Uber applied the same strategy in the fleet industry, they failed miserably.

Turns out, both carriers and suppliers need more than just a truck’s location and the vehicle’s characteristics in their fleet management solution.

If you own a transport business, then chances are that you already know how difficult it is to optimize business performance.

Nowadays, especially, it is difficult to run a profitable transport business without an appropriate fleet management software system in place.

This is mainly because cargo transport businesses often require complex functionalities such as driver management, tracking, maintenance scheduling, registration, operation costs, and a lot more to manage their daily operations.

In this blog, we’ll understand what a fleet management app solution is and what are the three critical features that every cargo delivery business must consider.

What is a Fleet Management App Solution?

A Fleet management app can basically help businesses organize, manage, and coordinate their fleet from their central data platform.

In simple words, the goal of a fleet management application is to keep business run smoothly by enhancing performance, reducing operational costs, and comply with government regulations.

In fact, since mobile apps have become ubiquitous, it’s no surprise that they’re already being used heavily in the fleet management industry.

For example, there are many famous fleet management apps out there such as ClearPathGPS, Fleet Manager, Fleetio, and more that are making a big difference.

Now, whether you’re looking to use any of the readymade solutions or planning to build one from scratch, there are three critical features you must consider to maximize the profits.

Below, we have shared the three most critical features you need to consider building your fleet management app and why are they important.

3 Critical Features to Build in Your Custom Fleet Management App

Fleet management app development concept has gained an impressive surge and it’s likely to grow in the near future as well.

That being said, let’s look at the 3 critical features that every business should consider building in their fleet management app.

1 – Fuel Consumption Monitoring

Ignoring fuel consumption or not monitoring the fuel consumption of your fleet might create one of the biggest mistakes for your business.

You see, many times drivers take a different route for their own personal purposes, and this ultimately leads to unwanted wastage of fuel.

Fuel consumption monitoring feature, on the other hand, can help you monitor fuel consumption automatically. As a result, it can prevent drivers from making mistakes, omissions, and cheating.

Simply put, if you’re building a fleet management app, the fuel consumption monitoring feature is something you can’t neglect as a business owner.

2 – Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

Real-time tracking has proved to be one of the most pivotal features for many types of mobile applications, including fleet management apps.

Real-time vehicle tracking, as you might already know, allows a business to stay up-to-date about the location and condition of its vehicles.

In simple words, with real-time vehicle tracking, you can know the location of your fleet in real-time conveniently.

Apart from this, real-time vehicle tracking also provides the following benefits:

  • Information about inappropriate and damage usage
  • Trace any stolen vehicle
  • Detect risky drivers by collecting data about each driver’s road behavior

3 – Route Optimization

Route optimization is a fairly new feature that the majority of fleet management apps have adopted recently.

The feature basically identifies the shortest and fastest route available to increase the profits for your business. This can help you avoid long routes and effectively manage your fleet and optimize profits.

Simply put, by adding the route optimization feature into your fleet management app, you can save fuel, money, and time.

Concluding Thoughts…

Fleet management app development is definitely the right move, whether you own a transport business or planning to start one.

A fleet management app can help you gain competitive advantage, optimize business performance, and solve any challenges that arise. That being said, if you have any plans to build a fleet management app and looking for a mobile app development company to help you with your project, we would be more than happy to provide a free consultation.

Fill out the contact form and our principle consultant will get in touch with you to understand your business, your goals, requirements, etc..

General FAQs on Fleet Management App Development

Q1 – What are the benefits of fleet management?

Ans – There are many business benefits of fleet management:

  • Manage fuel & maintenance costs
  • Improved driver safety
  • Increased driver satisfaction
  • Longer fleet life spans
  • Real-time visibility in fleet

Q2 – How can fleet management be improved?

Ans – You can easily improve your fleet management by building an app solution. A fleet management app solution allows you to:

  • Transfer to paperless modules
  • Perform preventive performance
  • Embrace telematics
  • Increase fuel management

Q3 – What is a fleet management app solution?

Ans – A fleet management app solution is basically a mobile app-based system that can help you optimize your fleet’s performance by capturing real-time data on all vehicles, fuel use, speed, and much more.

Q4 – How much does it cost to build a fleet management app solution?

Ans – The cost to develop a fleet management app solution largely depends on your unique business needs. In simple words, the complex & higher number of features, the more the development cost would be. However, you can always build an MVP, which allows you to develop only the core features and see how it helps your fleet business.

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