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Custom Mobile Apps
By: Manish Shewaramani

Do you own a business? Here’s Why You Should Have a Mobile App

cording to a latest report from Adobe, about 45% of businesses still don’t have a mobile app. What’s more, about 21% have both a mobile app as well as a responsive website whereas only 7% have mobile app. As the demand for smart phones and tablets grows, it will become imperative for business owners to have a mobile app. Here’s why your business need to consider it –

Connect with your customers

The best thing about mobile applications is that these allow you to communicate with customers in real time. You can actually engage them and improve revenues. How? Well, a mobile app allows you to inform customers about latest deals, send coupons and lot more.

Starbucks introduced its mobile app about two years back, which included a program known as My Starbucks Reward. iPhone users got an account that had to be filled up using real money once the app was downloaded. Users got stars which could be used for exchanging company’s production. This Rewards Program turned out to be very successful indeed.

Offer excellent support

A mobile application can turn out to be a useful customer service and support tool. It not only saves customers’ time but also adds value to your business. For instance, banks have mobile apps that allow customers to deposit checks using their iPhone or Android device.

Product promotion

With location-based push notifications, business owners can increase sales and revenues significantly. Let’s say, you own a restaurant. Now, using a mobile app you could actually send notifications to people within one mile radius of your restaurant. Target customers can get notifications with coupons, which mean more sales. Isn’t it amazing!

As a business owner you must remember that your mobile app must solve a real-problem. Also, it takes a considerable time before your mobile app starts generating revenues for your business. With careful consideration and proper research & analysis, you can build the best mobile app that could completely turnaround your business. All the best!

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