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By: Manish Shewaramani

Top 15 React JS Example Projects (of all time) for Material Design

By this time, you must have already figured out what React JS is and how does it benefit you and your clients in front-end web development.

While developing the user interface of an application, you might have come across “a gap” in the process. Moreover, you might have exhausted all the materials available online that help you to learn React JS from basic to intermediate level.

If you want to further your career in React, you must go through various React JS example projects. Unlike traditional tutorials, these examples will help you solve real-life project problems.

Practicing React JS by building projects will help you learn React JS more efficiently. This article provides you with React JS material UI example that will help you create stunning web and mobile applications.

Top 15 React JS Example Projects

#1 Material AutoRotating Carousel

This material style carousel will help you attract new customers to your website. The best way to catch the attention of new users is by displaying your top and most beautiful designs in an auto-rotating carousel.

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#2 React Slack Chat

Material/A beautiful gooey design slack chat web integrating widget can be integrated with discussions/help desk/live chat for special interest sites in single customer mode or community chat mode.

This React JS example will help you increase customer engagement by providing answers to every question via Slack Channel Community and online Slack users.

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#3 Material Icons for React

Material Icons UI is a package that provides you a convenient React component for using material icons by Google in your React web and mobile application.

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#4 Storybook Addon Material UI

This addon wraps material UI components into MuiThemeProvider. It simplifies the development of components based on Material UI, which will increase the overall development speed of a React application.

Using this component, you can also create your new themes. If you want to take full advantage of this component, then it is recommended that you run in your local development environment.

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#5 React Ink

React Ink is an example that helps you to add the ripple effect to your React Component.

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#6 Admin on Rest

If you’re looking forward to building admin applications that run in a browser on top of REST services, ES6, React, and Material design, then this is the correct React JS example project for you.

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#7 Material Components for Web

This component helps programmers to execute Material Design. These components were developed by a team of UX designers and engineers at Google. They offer a reliable development workflow to build functional and beautiful web projects.

Material components for the web has three high-level goals:

  • Offer components in an a-la-carte fashion, which are production-ready.
  • Top-notch performance and adherence to the Material Design guidelines.
  • It provides seamless integration with other JavaScript libraries and frameworks.

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#8 Material Tabs

“Material tabs” is a simple and easy-to-use component that allows users to add tabs into their React web application.

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#9 Material design CSS Framework

It is a framework that follows the guidelines of Google. MUI was designed to become small, fast, and developer-friendly. It includes all the basic components required to develop a website that follows Google’s material design guidelines.

Some of its primary features are that it has no external dependencies, it offers responsive grid to build mobile-friendly websites, one can load the JS library asynchronously, and more.

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#10 Polythene

Polythene is a material design library for React JS and Mithril. This library can be used to include cards, dialogs, lists, notifications, form elements, buttons, and more.

It allows building dynamic and interactive interfaces seamlessly. The library offers versatile theming options. It supports mouse, touch screens as well as keyboard. It provides extensive documentation along with code examples.

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#11 Material Components

It is a stateless UI component that follows the material design. It provides an ideal companionship to libraries such as Redux or Cerebral. Other flux-based frameworks can also use the library.

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#12 React Material Design

The main aim of this component is to create an accessible material design styled web application using React Components and Sass.

With the separation of style is Sass rather than in inline, it is easier to create custom components using existing styles.

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#13 Material-UI

Material-UI is a set of React JS components that uses Google’s material design specifications. Using this component, you can customize themes, styles, and colors. Using it, you can create an SEO-friendly yet eye-catchy user interface.

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#14 React Toolbox

It is one of those UI libraries that follows the concepts of Material Design guidelines by Google. Moreover, it is built on top of some of the most popular proposals like ES6, CSS Modules, and Webpack.

The library is so flexible and customizable that it integrates with your Webpack workflow homogenously.

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#15 React Ripples

React Ripples is a React JS example project that helps you to add the ripple effect to the buttons present in your web application. Moreover, the library offers zero dependencies. It is fast as a falcon and is supported by SSR.

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The React JS example projects mentioned above are just the ones that are necessary to develop Material Ui for your React JS development project.

There are tons of other libraries that help you with other functionalities such as creating, lists, tables, sliders, and more. At Credencys, you’ll get to Hire React JS developers who have developed over 100+ scenarios in React JS. Contact our experts to know more.

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