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Wearable Technology
By: Sagar Sharma

5 Ways Apple Watch Is A Boon For Hospitality Industry

In 1977, President of Digital Equipment boldly stated publicly, that he thought there would never be any reason why anyone would want a computer in the home.

He could not have been more wrong.

Not only do people want to have computers in their homes, they now want them everywhere.

The micronization of technology reduced the size of computers that originally took up gigantic rooms, to the desktop, to the laptop, to the tablet, to the smartphone…

Now, Apple has reduced the computation capacity to be a wearable computer in the form of a super cool and highly functional wristwatch.

Of course, it tells the time, but it does so much more. Apple Watch is smart technology that has the ability to do so much like- it monitors the heartbeat and fitness activities, one can check email, instant messages, and maps, and pretty more.

Wearable computers are superb solutions because there is no need to pay attention to them except when they perform useful functions.

It’s being quite a reason that many industries have embraced this solution to grow by manifolds, and hospitality sector is one of them.

Luxury hotels distinguish themselves by the level of service that they perform to satisfy their customers. Service is best done when it is automatic, meets the needs of the clients, and is non-obtrusive.

Here is how some hotels and the hospitality industry are already embracing and getting benefits leveraging Apple Watch applications

Directions to the Hotel

In a new city, exploring and navigating the hotel is a quite a task. When the directions automatically appear on the Apple Watch as the guest arrives in the city of the hotel, it improves user experience as customer always love comfort.

Automatic Check-in

There is no need for guest to go to the hotel registration desk. They can check-in to their room using the Apple Watch. This reduces the burden of providing check-in services at the desk.

Keyless Room Entry

With the advancement of technology, now watches become the keys to unlock the door. Yes, Apple Watch becomes the room key for hotels’ guests. It shows the room number. The guest simply walks to the room and the door unlocks as they approach the room.

This feature enthralls the guest and turns them into loyal customers. Also, this unique experience that they will get would improve the word of mouth about the hotel. Bottom the line, adoption of Apple watch solution means you are turning your customer base into the ambassador of your hotel.

Food and Drink Service from any Location on the Property

With Apple watch, people can search for the nearby food stores and order the food or reserve the space in any hotel. This convenience not only makes the guest happier, it increases the hotel’s reach to large customer base and boosts their revenues from Food & Beverage sales.

Special Promotions and Offers

These increases return visits and usage of hotel services. Upgrades that increase revenues include things like automatic breakfast delivery to the room and access to spa services at a discounted price, which helps to maximize profits for facilities.

Luxury Daily reports, the Starwood luxury hotel chain created a preferred guest program for Apple Watch owners. Full access to all the services provided for Starwood Preferred Guests is accessible from the watch. Now, excellent service it is available by a touch of the Apple Watch.


From the hotelier’s point of view, the increased service opportunities, not only makes guests return, they also increase revenues. Moreover, these technology-based offerings attract a younger demographic who then become life-long customers for the hotel chain. The expectation is that many more hotel chains will make use of the new Apple Watch capabilities in the future.

So, why to wait for?

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