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Adopt automotive IoT Solutions & connect with your customers directly to deliver better customer experience

Provide your customers with the necessary information of their vehicle by integrating automotive IoT solutions. Help your customers in making informed decisions about the vehicles.

  • Real time information of overall data usage using IoT solutions in vehicles so that they can tweak their usage & improve the vehicle performance
  • Information related to the vehicle’s fuel consumption & overall fuel efficiency
  • Information related to the vehicle’s performance so that the customers can take action related to maintenance
  • Information related to total rides taken, total ride time & usage data so that the customers can analyze the data and optimize the vehicle performance

Empower your customers with the information related to the vehicle & encourage safe driving practices with Automotive IoT Solutions

Using automotive IoT solutions, provide your customers the information related to usage anomalies, spike in performances, send alerts & notifications to SOS contacts in emergency & nearest service centers whenever need arises.

  • Send alerts & notifications to the customers at the scheduled interval for maintenance to ensure the vehicle is well maintained and stay high performing
  • Send SOS to contacts whenever the vehicle meet with an accident so that there is no delay in receiving the medical assistance
  • Automotive IoT solutions in vehicles provide your customers with all the information related to their nearest service centers so that they can undertake a maintenance activity whenever the need arises
  • Your customers can book a service slot of their convenience from the mobile app; thus they do not have to physically go to the service center to book the service.

Automotive IoT solutions improves your operational expenses and business processes to increase in top line & bottom line

Credencys’s automotive IoT Solutions streamlines your business process & workflows in accordance with your business needs, thus it significantly reduces your operational expenses.

  • Information on usage patterns helps in optimizing business models, processes, improving sales campaigns; thus improving topline & bottomline
  • Provide tailored services to your customers based on their usage information; from which customers have the liberty to pick & choose the service which is of best use whenever they visit the service centers
  • Improve the brand loyalty by Engage directly with your customers, providing a better brand recall through different campaigns.
  • Take the feedback directly from the customer & optimize the vehicle & it’s performance. Get the information related to the different types of usage trends for types of customers

Automotive IOT Solutions are designed & developed according to your business needs & processes

Visibility of Usage

Get the overall usage pattern Of your customers

Emergency SOS

The connected app sends SOS to your contacts in emergency

Service Booking

Book the service from the app

Service Center Information

Provide nearest service center Location with an App

Maintenance Alerts

Vehicle sends the maintenance alert at the scheduled intervals

Service History

Know your entire service history

Trip Details

Your customers can see info. the trips they make

Fuel Information

Realtime information related to fuel consumption can be accessed

Breakdown Information

Know the reason what caused Related to vehicle to breakdown/malfunction

Credencys’s Value Proposition

Agile Methodology

Iterative development, continuous delivery, continuous testing & continuous deployment


Access to latest technologies, tools & technology stacks with a transparent project management tool

End to End DevOps

Deliver business value more frequently. Achieve Quick deployments, shorter lead times, less probability of failure & ability to quickly recover

Quality Testing

Receive a top quality software product with unified user experiences. Reduce your time to market, save costs & get a product which is fit to use


Best in class infrastructure for optimum productivity. Collaborative work environment for precise action oriented workflow & high productivity

Experience in Relevant Projects

Experience in delivering different types of projects for Start-ups to Enterprises

Credencys Integrity

Dedicated Skilled Resources

Your squad includes Centre of excellence, Sr. Technical Architects & software developers

High Quality Development

Get an access to multiple user stories, use cases & in depth analysis for a thorough development of features & functionalities throughout the project development

Confidentiality & Security

Solid Non-Disclosure Agreements. We guarantee the safe keeping & confidentiality of your project

IP Protection

IP Protection is our No.1 priority. You are and will be the sole owner of your IP

On Time Delivery, Every time

Get timebox delivery through scheduled sprints & stay assured on what gets delivered

Seamless User Experience

Get an amazing user experience for your software & apps

Articulated Documentation

Get a packaged software delivery with well-articulated software documentation

Single Coding Standard

Single Coding Standard allows easy maintenance & extension of the code

Test First Approach

Build tests before writing a code to steer the project as you go

Why Credencys?

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Interact with your developers through a transparent project management tool. You can;

  • Get Iterative and continuous time box code deliveries
  • Get a single source of truth so that everyone shares the same vision
  • Get a clear visibility on the project development status
  • Access to visual data & reports for a better sprint planning

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